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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Southern Lawns, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. Southern Lawns

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    I lost my first customer today. I kinda had a feeling. They have been very edgy lately. I called them today to see if the job I did for them last week was OK, (I call back on all jobs above and beyond basic maintenance) just to make sure they are satisfied. He told me thank you for the excellent service I have provided for the past year but something has come up and they have to cut all expenses. He assured me my service was exceptional and thank you.......I'm bummin, I know it will happen again and I also know that it may happen from a customer that is not satisfied. Sometimes no matter what you do you can't please them. But this older couple is in no position to maintain their own lawn etc. so it will be interesting to see what happens to it. My guess is that his business went under and is the reason for everything changing. Oh Well! I will pick up another replacement customer but it still ruined my day.
  2. LoneStarLawn

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    At least it was for reasons that you had no control of...
  3. George777

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    Southern Lawns, sorry to here this. Your customer was happy with your work, so pick yourself up and brush yourself off and move on.
    things happen and you may never know the reason as to why he let you go. Often, I never see my customers but like you I call them to see if everything was to standard.

    go out and replace him with another good account.
    take care and drive on.
  4. Evan528

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    sh** happens!! today i got a mesage from a brand new customer I have only cut once saying thanks for doing such a great job but they decided it would be more cost efficient to buy a ride on tractor and do it himself! No big deal.... I just walked in from getting another lawn to reaplace it that im getting 10 bucks more a cut for!
  5. Bassman

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    Don't lose any sleep. That's biz. You did a nice job for them, stuff happens beyond your control.
    As far as replacing them and new customers in general...Don't know about you but I'm becoming much more selective in the prospects I choose to take on. There are just so many hours in the day and I am only taking on new customers that seem to be no hassle people that pay a fair price for good reliable service.
    If I smell a rat, some kind of potential future problem with the prospects personality, etc. I pass and move on. Too many loyal folks that pay well and appreciate great service to take on somebody that that gives me bad vibes from the get go just to add another account.
    Best of luck.
  6. Currier

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    "I'm becoming much more selective in the prospects I choose to take on. There are just so many hours in the day and I am only taking on new customers that seem to be no hassle people that pay a fair price for good reliable service."

    I HEAR THAT! had a customer that said "we're taking care of the lawn this year..." call and say we are still going to do it but our equip. hasn't come in yet, and the lawn needs cut...can you do it? It really felt good to say no. I did refer him to a friend in the business. Maybe it's just false pride, I don't know but it feels good to turn away work that had turned you away earlier! (the great thing about it is we really do not have time to do it as business is booming and controlling growth has actually become an issue!)

  7. Freetime

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    Yes sir, I agree a lawn is just that but a customer’s personality is something else if you do not gel everything is a wash. It is some times out of your hands as to people moving/leaving you just let them know you will be there when needed it is the beginning of the season and there is a never ending supply of folks in need of a pro.
  8. lawnman_scott

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    One day a cocky customer came out and told me if i didnt do this and that, and thsi and....., that i would have to look elsewhere for work. I was doing a great job ( in my mind), so i said ok, packed up and left on the spot. Dont fret losing a customer, if its financial they may call you back.I do go back to those, if they were decent people, lots of people go through bad times, im sure they didnt want to lose you, but i guess they figure its a luxury, and just doing what they have to.
  9. KD'sLawns

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    Sorry about your loss. But just like always, lose one pick up two. It is really ironic how it works out but it is usually for the best. I do plenty of maintenance for elderly people. Have had them die and move to rest homes. Usually when you are in with them they take good care of you. Sounds like they have either re-evaluated their financial situation and you were a luxury. Either that or their kids got in the way. The kids usually will mow their own lawn but will not mow their parents. Want the parents to find some school kid that will do it for $10.00. Then they complain when their lawn looks like $10.00. I have lost two accounts this year because of excessive grass growth. These two ladies would just call me when they needed the lawn mowed. I would fit them in, usually in a day or two. But this past time that I mowed for them, charged them 10 bucks extra for overly tall grass. They almost fainted. I asked them what would happen if they went to get their hair cut and it was excessively long what would happen. They both said, " Well they would charge more, but that's different". I replied, there's no difference and loaded up and left.
    P.S. I have since seen their lawns and remember the $10.00 mow job I was talking about. Well, they got a $5.00.
  10. EarthTech Landscapes

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    it happens to the best of them at least they were happy with your service

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