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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Oct 11, 2000.

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    Well after thinking for several weeks I have decided to change my business name. I have operated now for 4 years with my current name but I'm convinced it's stupid sounding and must go!

    I have narrowed it down to a few, I live in Union County hence the Union names, and would like input from some professionals on which I should pick. I really like one of them but would like to take a survey. The names I am considering are as follows in alphabetical order:

    • Lawn Effects, Inc.
    • Lawn Success or LawnSuccess, Inc.
    • Union Lawn & Landscape, Inc.
    • Union Turf Management, Inc.

    My goal is to sound more professional, have a good name to say when answering the phone, and such.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. KirbysLawn

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    All these views and no opinions? This is free, no charge at all. Please take a moment to give your opinion of which sounds best.

    On edit: Scag48, I do but my current business name is: Kirby's Cuttin' Edge Lawn Maintenance". What a mouth full, try answering the phone saying all that! Looking for a professional name.


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  3. eskals

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    I kinda like the "Kirby's Cuttin Edge". Its creative, sounds good, and is one of a kind. I don't know why you view it as unprofessional. LawnEffects sounds dumb and unprofessional to me. LawnSucess is ok, but doesn't say much and makes you sound like a big chain. Union Lawn and landscape sounds good and simple. My favorite is Union Turf Management. It sounds good, and sounds professional.

    Well, that would be my choice, but I still like Kirby's Cuttin Edge. Oh well, its your company and your decision.

  4. RYAN

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    I would stay with the same name if you have already been using it for 4 years and that is what all of your customers know you by. I myself have thought of changing my name but everyone already knows me by my current name and I don't feel like explaining it to all those senile old ladies I mow for. They would never figure it out. Plus I figure my customers use me for my good service and not my exciting name. Stick with what has gotten you to where you are and if you have to change the name just make some variation of what you already have so your customers will know you are still you. Quality, reliable service will get you much further than a flashy name. Just my opinion.


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  6. Mr.Ziffel

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    You've already got your name--you use it here. Or formally call yourself Kirby's Lawn Service and just answer the phone "Kirby's Lawn" or stay the same name and just change how you answer the phone to "Kirby's". I think Kirby's Turf Management sounds a bit affected--also do most folks know that they need their turf managed or do they just want someone to cut it nicely?--then your job becomes to educate them to what additional services they need from you to have the best looking lawn possible. I think your current name is just fine and states your case. If you really think it sounds unprofessional, drop the slang and add the dropped G to make it Kirby's Cutting Edge. Professional, up to date and descriptive. You can still do like the law offices and/or doctor's offices do and shorten the name when you answer the phone, 'Kirby's, how can we help you?' You seem to be quite successful and I'd hate to see you walk away from a proven winner. Good luck.
  7. Chuck Sinclair

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    I like the name you have now. But if change is needed i would go with Union Lawn and Landscape (ULL)
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    I just wrote a LONG post for you kirby, i went back a few times on my browser, now i lost the post!!! argh... So im going to make this short... If you want to have that professional image go with soemthign that have "Landscaping" in it.

    Kirby Landscaping
    N/C Landscaping
    I/T Landscaping (short for indian trail)

  9. Lanelle

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    I think Sinclac nailed it: "Kirbylawn" That sounds like a brand name, similar to Mohawk Carpet, Ford Truck, Coors Beer and many more. The marketing possibilities are endless:
    "Kirbylawns have curb appeal" "You can have a Kirbylawn, too." "The best lawn is a Kirbylawn"

    Unless you are trying to change your target market or shift types of services offered, a complete name change may not help much and could hurt business. You don't want people to think that you closed one business and opened another one, do you?
  10. 65hoss

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    Of the choices you have I like Union Lawn & Landscape. It is the only one that really gives a picture of your company.

    Suggestion: Union Lawnscapes, Inc.
    Kirby Lawn Works, Inc.

    Just something else to think about.

    But, I'm not real sure (from marketing standpoint) if you should change. Might make some customers start to wonder if its the same co. From a former business man's standpoint, when I saw a name get changed I always had several questions pop into my head. 1. Is their new ownership or partner? 2. Is there a reason they are trying to become someone else?

    Just be very careful, and do as I do when there is a big decision... Loose several nights sleep over it.

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