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i'm coming over to the darkside....hardscaping

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DeereHauler, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. DeereHauler

    DeereHauler LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 604

    ok, so maybe i'm getting old and miserable at the ripe age of 26, but i've had it with the mowing world. I started out like most, mowing grass, which progressed into landscaping, and then into hardscaping. If i get the chance to walk away from everything but hardscaping, its a done deal!

    I was reading posts in the "lawn care" section of the site, and i have concluded that some people are just born stupid and there is no help for them. Fortunately most of them are too stupid to lay patios, and build walls. With a family background in the building trades, i like to think i have built a great reputation for high quality work, that will last. My dad builds some of the nicest, well built homes around here. His work speaks for itself, with no advertising in his entire career. Building a home isn't something just any person could do, and i respect his hard work and skill. I see hardscaping the same way. Anyone can drive a mower and make grass fly, but installing a high quality project, that will be there for years to come is something to really take pride in.

    I enjoy reading posts here in the hardscape section because most are related to skills of the trade, and questions on how to solve an issue with a project. I also noticed that there hasn't been a post here since 10:30 last night which means there aren't alot of guys focused on just hardscaping, not 450,000 members like the lawn forum.Then i go to lawn care forum, and there are in depth topics about "which brand of gas cans are the best", or "how should i sticker my back window?", or "this new guy in town isn't legit, should i go tell his customers".........

    I know this isn't all the lawn guys, i know plenty who are too professional for those issues, personally i respod to some of those posts just to be a smart -a$$, most i just ignore, but if those are the hot topics that keep the lawn care world running, then i need to just get out of there. I still have a full mowing crew, lots of mowing customers, and no personal desire to mow grass. I kind of feel like i have wasted a lot of years mowing, and thinking that i had some special skill because i made lawns look so nice. I realize that its just grass, and its grows back. For the last fews years i have focused on sidewalks, patios, and walls. I have done some training with walls, and pavers, i also employ my brother in law with a degree in landscape installation, and lots of hardscape training, and i intend to keep taking courses and classes as i can.

    I'm done caring about the mowing world.
    I'm kinda pi$$ed it took me this long to really see it this way.

    Rant over...
  2. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

    STL Ponds and Waterfalls LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,174

    Play with the hardscapes and work your way into a nice construction crew, but always keep a mowing crew. There will always be a need for mowers.
  3. 93Chevy

    93Chevy LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 40,229

    Dude, can I come run your mowing crews next year? I'll take care of everything, all you have to do is provide the truck, equipment, paperwork, fuel, etc.

    I'm no good at stone work, I'm okay at softscapes, but I really shine mowing lawns. I guess it's nothing to be really proud of, I mean, like you said, grass grows back, but it's what I do.
  4. DeereHauler

    DeereHauler LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 604

    i use the mowing as my open door to my really good customers and their friends. We mow some multi million dollar facilities, and i don't want to close those doors that took me a while to open.
  5. DeereHauler

    DeereHauler LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 604

    that would be one heck of a morning commute.
  6. 93Chevy

    93Chevy LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 40,229

    lol, where are you? i'm right north of pittsburgh.
  7. DeereHauler

    DeereHauler LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 604

    an hour east of state college
  8. BrandonV

    BrandonV LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,617

    def keep the maintenance crew, we did the opposite of you we had always steered clear of mowing and about 6 years ago transition into that... big benefit is you get to (in some cases) take care of what you built and keep some jackleg from messing up what you made good :), don't just mow either maintain.
  9. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,776

    I agree Brandon.

    I only have three mow accounts but I keep them anyway. It's a steady income I'm not willing to shun to the curb quit yet even though I keep getting low-balled on the mowing bids every year.

    What I've done though is push the landscape maintenance and that I like. My customers mow their own yards and I take care of the rest. Lesser equipment involved in the end, so less overhead.

    I've done some hardscaping in the last three years, but I wouldn't call myself a true hardscaper quite yet as I haven't done an extremely large wall yet, or a large patio. I still feel I have a little ways to go before I consider myself a true hardscaper.
  10. jonesy5149

    jonesy5149 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 259

    The first thing on just saying hell im going to hardscape is knowing the cost of things and what the prices that are out there in ur town.. i hate when a mowing crew come and bids on a project that i have designed and put to gether a great package and they are taking it so cheap that there is no way they made money in fact lost money and did a shitty job... ok that said there are mowing crews that do do the right numbers and do have some ICPI crew menbers or have the right know how.. but thouse are the people that are close on the bids.

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