Im creating a employee handbook?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 94gt331, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Well after being in buisiness for 7 years now and have seen many angles of this buisiness i decideded to focus on running my buisiness aliitle more like a buisiness. I realized after builing my equiptment and client list i think my main area of buisiness and life to focus on is employees. After having friends work 4 me for the last 7 years and being to laid back with them i realized im hurting myself in this area. So this month I'm going to create an employee handbook to structure a good and productive work environment. After the past years i know what i need to expect from my guys and i need to enforce policies to keep my buisiness running smoothly. My question is what should i put in the book and what order. If anyone has suggestions that woul be great help. Most thing i will cover in the book is Starting times, ending times, requesting times off, random drug and background testing, job expectations, quality of work, pay rates, uniforms, work ethics, attitudes, write ups etc. anything you guys could add would be great.:usflag:
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    talking on cell phones smoking like where at on jobsites if you do hardscaping or are on a all day mowing job and smoking in trucks if they have to bring their lunch or if they can go out, and something about accountability
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    All yeah forgot about that great point. Yeah im going to enforce a cellphone and texting rule that the phones cant be on the jobsite. thanks
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    Report all accidents and incidents immediately. No smoking on jobsites. NO cellphone while working and absolutely NO texting and driving. Seatbelts in vehicles. Safety equipment. Payday. Start time. Call in sick procedures. use of company property. soliciting business while working. Tardiness/sick days. procedures when they break a policy...What it will lead to...Lots to think about.

    I could go on and on.

    One thing....the most important. Get a written and signed paper from the employee that he received a copy of the manual. That way, when a policy is broken and he is terminated, when he files for unemployment and claims he didn't know about the policy....whip out the signature sheet.
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    always use spellchek.
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    Just a note, an employee handbook can be a double edge sword so a word of caution. Check out the SBA web site, they have some samples, also check with your State Department of Labor and Training to make sure you don't put anything in there that is illegal.
    Check this out:
    it is a step by step guide
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    just curious, how do you not discriminate against people with disabilities in this business? That link stated the law of discrimination against people with disabilities act.
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    You don't, but they have to be able to do the job! Check your state dept of labor, I am sure they can provide you with guide lines for job descriptions, I think that is the key - but think of it this way what if you had a job that required a guy/gal to ride on lawn mower all day and you had a vet who had been a helicopter pilot who loves the outdoors but cannot walk I suspect he/she might be a good find. If all you got is walk behinds, it might be a very different story. I also think very small companies are protected under the law as to what they do and don't have to do.
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    The way I understand a handbook to be, a legal document signed by both parties, you can actually do things that are against laws. No, you can't hire someone to murder or rob a bank! However, you can agree to working without breaks or a lunch stoppage. You can ,theoretically, take away some constitutional rights by telling them where they can't work if they leave your employment.I agree with checking with government agencies for info, but not sure I trust all the information given or my ability to legally understand it. I'm thinking a conversation with a lawyer who specializes in labor law would be worth the money spent.
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    Any of you guys have samples handbooks your willing to share?

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