im done helping people out!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagwildcat, Jun 20, 2007.

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    I need to vent guys,
    i got a call from a guy two weeks ago, he lives near one of my clients, he says that he has been seeing my work for a few years now and he loves the way my clients home looks, he then tells me that his mower broke, and the last time it was down, it took the dealer almost a month to get it back to him, i think it was a sears. but anyway, i told him that i dont like to do temp work,because it takes time away from my clients, but seeing that it will be for a month or close to it, and hes on the same street i'll do it. so the next day im there mowing, that night he called told me that it looks great! and then asked me to stop by for payment, i told him that its no problem, i would just bill him when he gets his mower back as i bill once a month anyway!
    so yesterday, tuesday around 10:30 am i show up to mow, the lawn looked like it was cut, but it was cut uneven, so i figured that maybe a friend knew that his mower was down and tried to help out, so i unload the trailer and tried to fix the cut for him.
    i usually check my phone calls every hour or so. i got home around 4:30 to find a call on my phone, it was him telliing me that it was 8 am and he got his mower back so please send him a bill for the great service i provided..i looked on my caller id and he called at 3:31 pm not 8am.
    i called him back, left a message on his phone, with the price, including this last mowing.
    He calls me back in a few, yelling at me, telling me that im a rip off, and my service sucks, and he will never use me again and how hes going to tell everyone not to use me!
    i tell him sir, we agreed that i would cut your lawn until you call me to tell me that yours was repaired, you didnt call me in enough time to cancle services today, so you were mowed. he didnt want to hear it, told me that he said, he would call when he needs it mowed! not true!.
    It seems like this year there are alot of people around here needing temp. mowing due to owning junk. then they dont want to pay.... sorry for the long post, its been bugging me to no end.
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    Trying to be nice sometimes ya get burned.... WHAT DO THERE PEOPLE WANT...

    I helped this lady take off this cover to her above ground pool, it was on the pump.... all's I did was take a piec of wood lightly tap it and it came right off.

    she calls saying I distroyed the entire pump unit....

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