I'm done with Echo junk

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. brucec32

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    After 12 years of using nothing else, I'm finally calling it quits with echo power equipment. In the last several years quality has definitely decreased, they're using more plastic and cheap metal, and nothing is lasting much more than a season.

    In the last yearalone, I've had a nearly new blower definitely lose power, all 4 tabs holding the back pad on fall out, the starter mechanism fail, and two trimmers have gone south. One with a season on it seized up and I can hear metal parts rattling around inside. Starters keep breaking, Trimmer spools wear through the bottoms frequently, and they're telling me I have to buy the whole trimmer head, not just a spool. Apparently they prefer to sell $24 heads instead of $10 spools. Just about every unit gives me more problems than in the past, and I'm tired of it.

    Once is chance, twice is a coincidence, three times is a quality problem. And no, it's not the operator. I use the same fuel and same techinques I used for the first 10 years w/ few problems.

    Who has suggestions for a brand that is reliable and well built, for a trimmer that is roughly the same weight as my old SRM 2400's?
  2. HarryD

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    I have used the same redmax trimmer for the last 3 years and its on its 4th. in the last few weeks it has started to finally give up the ghost. In that time I have put in 2 clutchs and last week a new clutch & bell that the clutch rides in. I think that was the breaking point for it. I hope to milk it till fall but who knows.

    Redmax or stihl IMHO
  3. mike9497

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    well i have to agree with you on echo brand products.i have trimmers back from 88 that i still use everyday.all my new trimmers last a season or if im lucky 2 seasons.i still like there blowers,chain saws and hedge trimmers.i started switching over to shindaiwa and so far me and my 2 workers love them.i have 1 T2500 and a T230.there very well made compared to echo trimmers.
  4. Jimmy348

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    Same deal.....
    Start of season I marched in and purchased Echo stick edger and trimmer. Been using Echo products faithfully for years so I figured no problems.
    Out of the box couldn't get either to start. Back to the dealer, cleaned/adjusted the carbs and the fired up. Back to the field and you guessed it.......no start. Back to the dealer more adjustments and no start. Back to Echo for the both of em and I left and picked up 2 Red Max's. No regrets so far.

    from AL
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    I currently run Kaw., Echo, Stihl. The Kaw. KBL26A is a personal favorite. IMO the Stihl FS80's are Junk.

  6. MTR

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    Bruce 32, what you said is more like reinforcing the image of anything from Home Depot is junk. Well, that is bad to hear that.
    I think Stihl and Redmax and Shin are porbably the best in market.
  7. ElephantNest

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    Shindaiwa,have run them for years. And I mean years AND years on each. Used some 8-10 years old and they ran like new. Looked like crap, but ran like new.
  8. Esby

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    I am also sick of my Echo trimmers. I have two of them: a SRM24000 and a GT2400. The SRM 2400 is the biggest pile of crap. I've ran it for about a year and a half now. First thing the recoil goes out. Then the carb needs to be replaced. But the real mystery problem is that when it sits for a period of time not running, especially if it is tipped slightly on its side it will leak some gas(as much as 1/4 cup or so), it drains out near the air filter. Then it won't start and usually is flooded. So I give it 10-20 pulls and it sputters and finally starts. Try doing this everytime you want to use your trimmer! I have had it in three times and they tell me there is nothing wrong with it. Right.....I like pulling on that thing forever:mad: This has also led to another recoil being put in as I have pulled on it so much. If anyone have any suggestions on what that might be, please post a reply. The bottom of the spool does wear through pretty fast, although my dealer will sell me just the spool(not the whole head), $11. The GT2400 is not quite as bad. The engine has always run well. But the head on that thing is a piece of junk Just too cheaply made for any sort of abuse. The spool on it doesn't hold enough line either. It seems like I am always respooling that one.
    So, what should I get next time? All I want is a trimmer that has enough power, the head is durable and easy to respool, and that damn thing has to start up on the first couple pulls! Help me out!
  9. Jimmy348

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    I hate to slam a product but i had the srm2400 as well and it also leaked fuel it tipped on its side. Didn't like transport either and to make matters worst try pulling on that friggin thing 20 to 30 times with fuel spitting out, sputtering and nuthing. My advice is simply to junk it.
  10. Keith

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