I'm driving myself frigging nuts!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nitro121, Feb 7, 2007.

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    I want to upgrade my mow and go (residential/very small business only) business. I had one full time employee last year and 1 part timer (evenings/weekends) (I work full time somewhere else). I want to start this year out with 2 employees right off the bat so I can keep up w/ new calls. I was going to switch to 2 walk behind mowers or buy 1 new small ZTR. I just can't decide :cry: ...I was about to order 2 Quicks, then I was going to buy 1 Lesco 48" w/ 2 21 inches for small gates/hills...but I think I might just go w/ another 42" mini-z hustler (upgrade from fastrak 42" and use that for backup).

    But I keep driving myself nuts trying to come up w/ the most productive and EASIEST set up for people to learn. I had bad employee's last summer that had experience w/ ZTR's....but...if I train someone early this year and manage the business better it shouldn't matter. I actually didn't have any yards that I couldn't fit my ZTR in...most gates in my area are approx. 44-46" and most had double gates. But I was always worried someone would flip the thing because about 10% of my yards have hills/inclines. And even though I switch cut patterns about 10% of the lawns were getting lines from the tires...but a lesco WB weighs as much as a small ZTR :rolleyes: . I wish I had better knowledge about the dependability of the Quicks. (I know everyone here says they are great)

    The only con is if I get down to 1 employee again...walking behind a 48" and then weed eating will wear someone out quick...at least on the ZTR I could cut 10 yards in a day by myself and not be dead. Most of my yards are 1/4 acre lots (not always flat). A lot of the new houses don't have fences or ditches so if I have a 2 man crew and 1 on the 48"...the other guy will be done weedeating and blowing and just sitting around waiting for the WB to finish up. When I worked w/ a helper we almost always finished around the same time w/ the ZTR. A 2 man crew w/ walkbehinds would keep them both busy/efficient...but if 1 calls in sick or gets fired....1 guy cutting w/ a 36 or 48" WB would take all day. I know you can't walk full speed all day and I've never used a WB so I don't know how bad it is and most yards are too small for velke's. It gets real hot in Va....a ZTR would give each guy a break if they take turns riding/weedeating (that's what I did w/ my helper). But until I hired someone new or they called in sick...I could let the 1 person crew use my fastrak or riding tractor for the day(s) until I got someone new.

    I don't know...just driving myself nuts :hammerhead: ...any input from guys who have run a 2 person crew would help.

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    I don't know very many company's who actually walk behind and commercial walkbehind, they mow at speeds up to 6.5mph. I just got my new Toro and there isn't a heavier built walkbehind out there that compares to the 2007 Toro's. If you decide to get a walkbehind make sure you get a sulky to go with it. Productivity with a good walkbehind will be better in most cases over a ztr unless your mowing large properties.
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    Or should I just shut up and buy something since either one is really productive and it's up to the employee's I hire to make it work? I just keep thinking and re-thinking the same thing because it sucks to drop 5-6 grand on equipment.

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    Get a sulky. That will increase your productivity right off the bat.

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