I'M GETTING TICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yardsmith, Jul 27, 2000.

  1. Keith

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    Daaaaamn grasskutter....that's hard. You are indeed, da man!
  2. gene gls

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    I switched over to an hourly rate for mowing this year. Its bayback time for me.I have found over the years that some properties change a whole lot in a years time.I have one customer that got real ambisous this year and added ten new obsticales to the lawn for me to mow and trim around or stop and move to mow that spot. She didn't realize how much it would effect my mowing job.When she questioned my charges I explained the problem.It was like talking to a tree and to top it off she is a school teacher. But then again lawn design was definitly not in her teacher training.With a flat rate customers don't care what you have to endure to mow and trim thier lawn but with an hourly rate most will make an effort to make it as easy as possiable for you.In my spring flyer I explained my reasons for the hourly rate.I have another customer with lots of trees that have low limbs.They watched me mow one day and saw what I had to do to mow close to the trees. They came out and trimmed all but two trees,now I don't even have to duck my head.I have a lot less stress mowing now-a days,except for the yards with dog crap.I may end up loosing a couple customers but then again I have to many to service properly.
  3. Twotoros

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    Gene, glad that worked for you .If I tried that there would be sixty-some lawn jobs up for grabs in my town and I would be on the bread line . I find that 90% of all customers that I have encountered are not understanding . They like their flat fee and I knock the damn things out so fast that their caculators overload when figuring my hourly . I bet they all wished I would give them a whole hour .

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