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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Dec 6, 2005.

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    well, let me give the lawnboy method a try. here is the scoop: i charged her $400 for a fall cleanup. we did at least 95% of the job, then, it snowed. i took 1/2 down. she owes me $200 as far as i'm concerned. her payment is due 12/8. I KNOW, i'm going to have problems with this lady. most of you suggest, that if u can't finish the entire job, regardless of weather issues, you shouldn't get paid ANYTHING. ok, fine. let's test the integrity of the client, when given an option. when her bill is due (in 2 days) i will contact her. when she starts b!tching, i'll cut her off and say, "mrs smith, i understand how you feel. and i don't expect you to pay the entire bill. I FEEL, that 95 % of the job is completed. but, i want you to be a satisfied customer. i'll let YOU, decide what percentage of the job was completed, and pay the balance accordingly." then, after i vomit, i'll see what she has to say
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    Keep us informed!!:waving::D :waving:
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    weasel--can you explain how you can figure such exact percentages of job completion...but it seems to save your life, you can't figure out how to get paid?

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    im looking forward to that
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    Bobby, why do you keep presenting us with your customer relation problems? And why do you assume we all have these problems as well?

    No one could possibly know all the circumstances to be able to give you an infinitive answer to your problem. Did she insist you service her property when you did. Did you offer her the option of waiting for better weather. Did you watch the weather predictions and if so, did they predict snow.

    There are to many variables to your questions. The answer I can give you is... You may need to brush up on your customer relation skills because most human beings would understand certain circumstances and not give you so much grief all the time if you were taking good care of them. I'm sure people from Jersey can be rational people. I have never been there though. If they can't be rational people and you are doing everything perfect as you claim then it's time you just except life as an owner of a LCO in Jersey.

    It does sound a lot like you can't except the downfalls of owning a business. Especially one that is dependant on good weather. Who ever told you it was going to be all peaches and creme lied to you. Who ever implanted the thought that only LCO's have to kiss up to their customers was wrong as well. Why do you think Wally World have greeters to smile and welcome you to their store? They know what sells, they have low prices but know they also need customer service to sell their inferior products.

    Construction companies have to deal with weather delays and the extra work caused by it. It sucks, but they except it. They don't complain that all the other construction companies are the cause of their problems.

    You have to learn to take the good with the bad. It all balances out in the end as long as your profits can reflect the bad. This is why prices are higher at the retail end then at the wholesale end. Circumstances and cost are factored in to the retail price. This includes customer relations and dead beats. Credit normally cost more then C.O.D. It all boils down to making a profit and not sweating the little things.
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    You may be pleasantly surprised bobby when she pays you in full.

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    Soupy, I would say it's QUITE OBVIOUS you've never been to Jersey or at least driven through our fine state. "Rational", Please. :D . One thing I'll say about BG's prolific posting is that indeed I've dealt with alot of what he talks about. No matter how,what,when,where,or why I do something, someone will complain. One thing I've learned over the years is to try to recognize these Buttheads and not work for them.

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    geo, i refuse to comment to your posts, simply because, you CAN'T POSSIBLY relate to anything involved in operating a real lawn business. you never depended on your lawn income as your sole means of income. to you, it's only extra cash, and some fresh baked cookies, which is good for you, but still the fact remains, until you've depended on the money you've earned doing lawn maint, to support your family, you'll continue to view things in a different light.
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    Bobby G for Prez

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