I'm had a medical emergency recently right before fall cleanups in my second year of business...help


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Just another idea to throw out there... Perhaps you can sub out the work? Any friends in the industry that would help you out and not steal your customers? You would not earn any profit, but I don't see that happening either way. I would be up front and honest with your customers, whatever route you take.


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I haven't read this entire thread but I am glad you are doing better. That said (and I am not a doctor) the ones I know that have had similar illnesses had to continue to watch themselves long after a clear medical check up. I strongly recommend you advise your customers of the illness and that you can not at this time take on any work. Then start looking for a less physically demanding way to make a buck. Wishing you well.


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Call some of your competition , tell them what happened . Ask them to do the jobs for you and pay them what you would have made . No you dont make any money , but you keep the customers . Tell the customers whats up , they will understand . Be happy your heart is still beating .

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