I'm had a medical emergency recently right before fall cleanups in my second year of business...help


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Glad you are doing better. What I would do is call a temp agency and get however many guys you need. They can send them out tomorrow. It may cost you more but you will get the work done and still make some money and have repeat business. Then you can just supervise. If someone is not working out call the temp agency and you will have another guy the next day. Always answer the phone. You can tell them you are booked up for the season. That is not a lie as you are booked up for all the business you can take.

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Trying to get your potential guys to cover for you and you having to micromanage them is going to go against what the doctors have told you to do. Being in the field, at all, is going to A.) Not be resting B.) Potentially put you in a position where you need to help. It sounds like your candidates are going to be the type that force you to do just that.

I can tell you that the above quote comes from someone who has a very good source for his information. Pencilvestyer will do best by heeding Tony's advice to LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS above anything else.

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