I'm here if anyone needs Website help.

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by pilotcoplawnboy, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. pilotcoplawnboy

    pilotcoplawnboy LawnSite Member
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    Just wanted to put my help out to others. I build websites as a hobby and also do some for small business. If anyone has questions about wed design and other related topics, let me know.

    Webb Builder :cool2:
  2. Lawn-Scapes

    Lawn-Scapes LawnSite Silver Member
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    Okeedokee... I just started to update mine. Trying to anyway :) I am just an amateur working in notepad.

    I would like to have small green rectangular buttons instead text for my links. How would I go about this?

    On the Request Quote page (just added this page today)... when you press "Submit" a warning comes up. Is there anyway around this? Also, after you hit "Submit" and then press "OK"... you are looking at the same page. I'd like it to either go to a page where it says something like "Your info has been sent... Thank you for your intest in our services........" Or be redirected back to Home or Contact page. Is this possible? Easy?

    Lastly (for now)... On my "Our Work" page... I'd like to know if it's possible to have a slide show? How difficult would that be?

    Thanks for your time!

    BTW.. You can visit my site by clicking on my Name.. then "Visit.. homepage"
  3. TooLPrincessBlaze

    TooLPrincessBlaze LawnSite Member
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    You could always make buttons in Paint or something or just use tables for each one. Those would be the easiest for your button situation.
  4. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
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    Your Davis Designs site, while a very nice design, will look infinitely better if you would switch your logo and banner menu to a .gif instead of the .jpg format. Notice the graininess around the text and the solid background color? That's the reason. You'll also benefit from the file size being significantly smaller.

    Dayton, Ohio
  5. pilotcoplawnboy

    pilotcoplawnboy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 138

    Thanks Tony but I didn't build that website. It is one of my good friends landscaping comapny. He had it designed by another person. But I do see what you mean.
  6. Turboguy

    Turboguy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hi Lawnscapes

    I checked out your site and it looks really nice. Great pictures, good info and very straightforward.

    You asked about slideshows. Here is a link where you can find 39 different, mostly free, fairly cool slide shows that are easy to install.. http://www.hotscripts.com/JavaScript/Scripts_and_Programs/Image_Effects/Slide_Shows/index.html

    As far as green buttons, check out www.flashbuttons.com They do have cool buttons in flash. If you want to go something with less flash (that was a pun, I figured I had better tell you cause it was too dumb to notice otherwise) check out www.flamingtext.com They have some free graphics and some really great text effects that you did not ask about.

    You are doing great, keep it up.
  7. Lawn-Scapes

    Lawn-Scapes LawnSite Silver Member
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    Thanks for the help everyone. I have made some changes including a slide show... I modified the program a little and it works but it says there is an error on the page. If someone can look at the source and figure out why.. let me know.

    I'd also like to know how I can get the forward and back arrows next to each other at the left-bottom corner of the picture. I can't figure it out?

    Thanks again.
  8. Inforest

    Inforest LawnSite Member
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    Didn't see any error messages, but here is how to center the buttons.

    Change this existing block of code:

    <div align="left"><id="backforthbuttons">
    <p><a href="javascript:goforward()" style="float: right"><img src="blueright.gif" border="0"></a> <a href="javascript:goback()"><img src="blueleft.gif" border="0"></a>
    to this:

    <div align="center" id="backforthbuttons">
    <p><a href="javascript:goback()"><img src="blueleft.gif" border="0"></a> <a href="javascript:goforward()"><img src="blueright.gif" border="0"></a>
    Hope this helps.
  9. trinitygrove

    trinitygrove LawnSite Member
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    I have a quick question. In designing buttons, what is the easiest program to use??? Flash or can you make them in Fireworks?

    Also, if I designed them in illustrator and import them into photoshop and make a gif out of it will it be the same as using the programs listed above?
  10. Turboguy

    Turboguy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    This is not my field of expertise but I think I can clarify it for you a bit. You mentioned Adobe Illustrator and Macromdia Fireworks. Those are both vecor graphics programs, basically the same thing by different manufacturers. They are going to produce a picture (basically a drawing but not necessarily) which you would likely save as a gif. Flash is more like a movie and can have fancier effects.

    For anyone who wants to play around in this technology there is another program called Swish which is similar and swish allows you to download a free trial version good for about 30 days. Swish is probably a little easier but also just a tad less powerful.

    If you want to use Fireworks or Illustrator on your buttons there is another free program called the mighty magic mouseover machine or something close to that. Do a web seach and you will find it. It will allow you to add some effects to your buttons. In other words you would created two gifs, on static and one when the curser is over the button and the mouseover machine will make the effect work.

    Hope that helps a bit

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