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    The Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture for 1903 carries this statement on page 284: "Decayed organic matter, by itself or in combination with mineral soil, absorbs moisture much more rapidly than soil containing little or no organic matter; hence, the greater the amount of leaf mould and other litter, the more rapidly will the rain be absorbed. Rapidity of absorption is also influenced by the degree of looseness of the mineral soil. In the forest the mulch of leaves and litter keeps the mineral soil loose and in the best condition for rapid absorption."

    I never met a ploughsman {old english} I didn't like. When a mouldboard became an impartial factor to furrowing the land so went the litter....er' organics. Why is it 100 years later, organics are struggling to find their way back into the land? I see aeration being recommended twice pre season someplaces, and yet, the issue that underlies remains.

    I say if we're going to irrigate, then realise what it is you're dumping water on.
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    If you don't deal with that before the lawn goes in, it's too late.
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    Better living through modern chemestry... just saying.
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    I had to look up "mouldboard" - seemed kind of Britishy

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    You mean kind of Limey
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    from my perspective it's about manipulation.
    Just realise what water requirements add up to within each given composition.
    Speaking individually instead of a given formula from the manufacturer.

    Doing an audit,
    Rather than looking at DU first, I'm looking at infiltration characteristics.

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