I'm looking for a good test kit or meter for soil tests

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Threxx, May 23, 2006.

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    does your county extension office offer a soil sample test?
  3. Threxx

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    I don't know... guess I could check but that seems like a lot of effort until it would produce much more detailed and accurate results?
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    Send the samples out. You will get more and better results than a test kit. Ag extension stations will often do them for free, or there are some for-pay labs. Lesco will send them outfor you, for around $15
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    Soil Testing Supplies—Instruments—Equipment
    100 Countryside Drive
    P.O. Box 270
    Belleville, WI 53508
    608-424-1661 Fax
    Gempler's Master Catalog — www.gemplers.com
    Gempler's IPM Almanac — www.ipmalmanac.com

    Gempler's carries a full line of soil testing equipment and IPM supplies, including pH meters, Cardy meters, electrical conductivity meters, soil test kits, and soil probes. Of special interest is the Professional Soil Quality Test Kit (Item No. RGM250, $495), which provides indicators of biological, physical, and chemical soil conditions. This is the test kit promoted by USDA-NRCS, also known as the USDA Soil Health Test Kit. It was developed in the early 1990s by Dr. John Doran, a USDA soil scientist, in collaboration with the Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania. The test kit is accompanied by the USDA Soil Management Manual (Item No. RGM97, $9.95 sold individually) which describes testing procedures for: pH, nitrates, salinity (EC), soil compaction, soil moisture, soil biological activity (respiration), soil texture, water infiltration, bulk density, earthworms, and water quality.

    Hach Co.
    P.O. Box 389
    Loveland, CO 80539
    970-669-2932 Fax

    Hach Co. manufactures a number of portable soil and water quality monitoring instruments and meters: pH, electrical conductivity, percent base saturation, colorimetry.

    LaMotte Co.
    P.O. Box 329
    Chestertown, MD 21620
    410-778-6394 Fax

    The LaMotte STH Soil Test Kit features the Morgan Universal Soil Extraction Solution—the solution used in the Reams Test—to measure plant available nutrients. The Kit includes a colori-metric Humus Screening Test. LaMotte carries a complete line of soil and water quality monitoring instruments.

    Pike Agri-Lab Supplies
    154 Claybrook Rd.
    P.O. Box 67
    Jay, ME 04239
    866-745-3247 Toll-Free
    207-897-9268 Fax
    Contact: Bob Pike

    Extensive selection of on-farm testing supplies: refractometers, paramagnetic soil meter, electrical conductivity, penetrometer, pH, nitrate, potassium, oxidation reduction potential, soil test kits, compost test kits. Pike Lab Supplies also carries a number of hard-to-find books on eco-farming. Website includes the Plant Tissue Test Intructions leaflet that describes how to use pH, refractometer, and electrical conductivity meter readings to monitor crop health from an eco-farming perspective.

    Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
    23839 W. Andrew Rd.
    Plainfield, IL 60544
    815-436-4460 Fax

    Spectrum Technologies manufactures a number of portable soil and water quality monitoring instruments: pH, electrical conductivity, nutrient test strips, Cardy ion meters, soil nitrate quick test, penetrometer.

    EM Science
    480 South Democrat Road
    Gibbstown, NJ 08027
    856-423-4389 Fax

    EM Science manufactures test strips for pH, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin C. The Reflectoquant Ion Test Meter is used in combination with test strips for rapid and accurate determination of results.

    Better get a few books while your at it. There is much more to soil than just pH and NPK.

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