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    Hey guys. just thought i would take a minute to introduce myself. Im 25, but have been part time in business for myself since i was about 22. I started out with the old murry push mower, and a weed eater brand curved shaft trimmer. i quickly moved up to a 5x10 utility trailer, and the John Deere EZ trak 225, echo straight shaft trimmer and stick edger, and husqvarna BP blower. fast forward almost 4 years, and i just closed the deal on my new John Deere Z710A commercial mower. 48" cut. im still using the same edger, just replaced the carb, i got upset and broke my trimmer, but replaced it with the exact same one. i just got a Echo BP blower, my wife bought me a 6x12' trailer, and i have the Xtreme 2 place trimmer racks on the way. im just looking for a little guidance on increasing my # of accounts.

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