i'm offering $10 first mowings

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grass disaster, Mar 3, 2012.

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    I did this $20 intro cut a few years back. I gained few decent clients however there were a considerable number of one time cheap cut people. What automatically goes through their mind is this guy will continue to show up for $20. I only put this out on smaller lawns. Offer expires when route is full. Many paid the full quote price on the first cut anyhow. Do Not give them a regular quote for service then still do a cheap first cut. If they want a quote for mowing they will have to wait until after the first cut is over or they have just skipped the cheap first cut. They can’t have it BOTH WAYS. I look at this way. it takes time to drive out for an estimate anyhow just do the first cut THEN give them the quote. Once you mow it once you have a better feel for the property. It can work to your advantage.

    You need to have fine print in there for overgrown lawns etc. You need to be paid on the spot or no cut. If edges are overgrown give only a sample of blade edging.

    I was considering doing an upgraded version of this at $25 intro cut, $30 for a corner and $35 up to half acre. But what is happening now is there are legitimate long time companies in my area that are full service now putting quotes for mow and trim at $24.99 regular weekly service that I mow for $35.

    Sure enough another lawnsite member put a $24.99 door hanger :hammerhead: on one of my clients lawns last Spring that I mowed for $35.
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    I understand you want to add customers and do it quickly, as you said you want to stand out. I think that this is the wrong way to stand out.

    The customers you want are not interested in a one time cheap cut, they want a pro who will provide good reliable service.

    Getting your foot in the door is a matter of good timing. Getting back to the customer when the iron is hot and delivering before it gets cooled off. What you should want is customers who can afford your services and will become accustomed to paying for the quality service. A big discount will attract people who cannot afford your services and will never provide a profitable cash flow.

    Now come off the ledge, and step back in where it is safe!
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    What happened? Did you loose the client to the lower bid? Or did you see the door hanger first and get rid of it? Or did the client ignore the lower quote and stay with the service he was happy with?
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    No she stuck with me. She thought the quote was ridiculously low and almost comical and desperate. I still have the door hanger. :laugh: In fact she is getting a price increase to $40 or $45 per mow or a prepay discount not sure yet. The grassy swell is a PITA and a corner lot grassy swell to boot. The rest of the lawn is manageable and small but it’s over fertilized and mulch mowing is more of a hassle than bagging frankly.

    I like the first cut idea at a lower price but it needs to be firmly phrased they are forfeiting a quote for service until after the lawn is mowed. I think this is best left on a coupon type offer. It is a zero obligation offer but truly geared towards those looking for continued service.
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    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive in todays economy.
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    This is what I was thinking. Its a easy way for me to cut the lawn then make a quote. No more guess work. And I've been doing this for over 15 years. So I'm not going to run myself broke. Yes 1/4 lots only.
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    Why not offer incentives for your current customers to get you referrals? Maybe 1 free month if referral stays with you at least 6 months? OR something like that anyway?

    Reward your good customers. If you do good work, they will become your best evangelists with a bit of nudging.
  8. Exact Rototilling

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    I would consider that for a one time service say lawn aeration but mowing accounts just need to be all in the sale area. The added drive time just kills profits on.just mowing.

    I'm considering canceling lawn service to an area that is furthest from where I live even though I have 3 accounts close together. Time will tell.
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    And that is crazy.
  10. Exact Rototilling

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    What is crazier even is .... I’m considering quitting my other low over head business that Grosses me $20 – $24,000 per year and I don't have to leave the house for 10 – 20 hours of work per week @ $30 per hour. :hammerhead:

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