i'm offering $10 first mowings

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grass disaster, Mar 3, 2012.

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    You got to be nuts to cut a lawn for $20.00. When you say I have to just survive. That's great because your cost yourself more money in the long run. Equipment is not worth anything. Raise your prices and your standards
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  3. CozyHollow

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    1985...EXACTLY bro. Times have DRASTICALLY changed and so have prices.
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    If u want to get in the door try offering a gift certificate to a local company. Dinner, movie or something like that. Offer a 25.00 gift card to a local diner or to the mall. That way your keeping money in the community and local business will help promote you. Barter system works great in Michigan. Sign up for yrly contract receive a 25.00 gift card to local buisness or whatever. Good luck
  5. Lefet2

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    15 lawns @ $20 a cut =$300. 15 lawns @ $35 a cut = $525. It may take a little longer to get those lawns but at the end of the day you can make a decent living without having to cut a million lawns a day. I'm sure you can make money at 20 a cut but you have to kill yourself to do it. You need alot of lawns at that rate.
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    The moral of the thread is PATIENCE.

    Advertise the SNOT out of your business...plug along ALL SEASON LONG. Don't just cover an area one time with flyers or postcards. Hit the same areas bi-weekly or even monthly ALL SEASON LONG..people will get the hint that "this guy" (grass disaster) really WANTS TO work.

    I'm TELLIN' ya! People WANT TO SEE someone GIVING their all and once you LAND an account or two, hone your craft with the time you'll have...because before you know it g d, you'll be ducking the phone because "they'll" be calling you CONSTANTLY!

    Bro, IT WILL HAPPEN! It just takes some time that's all.

    (I get most my info. from local landscapers cause I ask everyone I see...)
  7. MarkintheGarden

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    True dat! Twelve years in business, and I have done very little advertisement the last five.
  8. andyslawncare

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    Bad idea! $10 barley covers fuel on some of my residential accounts. Quality work is what will set you apart from your competition, not a lower price. You'll go broke. I sometimes advertise a free month of service in mailers during the fall in order to increase sales during the winter, but that requires a 12 month contract and the accounts usually end up paying $200 or more/month. Demand is enough to find work in the spring; don't give your labor away. What if all they want is one cut??? How do you afford to live for $10??
  9. inzane

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    well i must be nuts. i am offering one free cut to anyone who signs up for turf care and weekly mowing together, of course.. its only up to 1/4 acre lots, new customer only, and its not the first cut. so they'd have to stick with me for a while to get the free cut. I'm only trying this on the first 100 doorhangers though. i don't want to work for cheap or free either..

    after reading this thread, i think there has to be a better way.. without selling myself short, or working for free.
  10. 205mx

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    Usually people done need much incentive. They either want the grass cut or they don't. If your price is fair, they'll go ahead and have you start. I was doing the 20% off first cut when I first started. Honestly didn't seem like that was the reason anyone became a full time client.
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