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I'm on the edge here.

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Hey all, I just started my business this year, I invested I think way more than I should have, $11K, but luckily I have another job to pay for the investment. I've landed a whopping 2 clients so far, almost 3 but I had to turn down a 69 lot new subdivision due to too much re bar and concrete around, but i have been throwing business cards and fliers out like a mad man. I'm wondering if I may be in trouble if I need to pay half of that investment off by the end of the year. My goal for this season is to land 15 or more clients, is that unrealistic for a starting lawn care business? Am I in trouble? What could I do differently to get more clients? This forum has a lot of good info on it and have found it very helpful, and I'm sure there are some pros out there that could help me out. Thanks in advance.
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Gives me hope for my season. I started a thread on how im dropping full time job to part time and mowing full time. If I can land another 25 I would drop full time job completly. Right now all my equipment is paid for and trying to fight the itch for a new exmark. Think I get through two months with what I got and pay cash. Thanks for the update good to see you had a good year.

Can you tell us how you got the 25 new accounts? I plan on referal networking hardcore and door to door flyers on neighborhoods im already in
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