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I'm on the edge here.

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Hey all, I just started my business this year, I invested I think way more than I should have, $11K, but luckily I have another job to pay for the investment. I've landed a whopping 2 clients so far, almost 3 but I had to turn down a 69 lot new subdivision due to too much re bar and concrete around, but i have been throwing business cards and fliers out like a mad man. I'm wondering if I may be in trouble if I need to pay half of that investment off by the end of the year. My goal for this season is to land 15 or more clients, is that unrealistic for a starting lawn care business? Am I in trouble? What could I do differently to get more clients? This forum has a lot of good info on it and have found it very helpful, and I'm sure there are some pros out there that could help me out. Thanks in advance.
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Spending 11k on equipment before having the clientele to justify it is the number one reason why so many people fail in this business... You simply put the cart in front of the horse and will spend the next few years trying to catch it....

Why not sell off the equipment you currently have now and buy good used equipment? You said your mechanically inclined, so you should be able to fix or at least maintain good used equipment until you have the clients to justify spending that kind of scratch....

As far as if "your in trouble" if you need to ask that, then the answer is yes! How much time and money do you have left to focus on advertising and picking up new clients? How much time have you put into writing a business plan for yourself and setting goals and mile markers for expanding and growing your business?

The people that say there is no money in this industry are the same ones who never started it the right way... Full time or part time makes NO difference, its how you start and maintain your business that counts.

Spending 11k on equipment doesnt show your dedicated. Educating yourself on opening and growing a business properly shows your committed to its success.
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