I'M Only Happy When It Rains

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Mar 28, 2000.

  1. This has got to be the earliest in the season<br>that I have ever mowed turf. My market is<br>in zone 6 (valley 500 ft elevation) and zone 5 &quot;up the mountain&quot; (1000-2000 ft.).
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    2000 has got to be better than 1999 on rainfall. Here in So_Ohio we are already ahead of last year. Funny thing though, 1999 was a great year for us in spite of a mega drought. For one thing we didn't have any rain days in the spring so production was great through June . Then in July, August September I used the principal of cutting grass whether it needed it or not. We missed about 3 weeks worth of cutting . In the fall, the grass came back with a vengence. It really doesn't take much rain to impress grass sometimes. We cut real steady untill 1st week of December. During the 3 weeks we were down on grass, we picked up some landscape jobs and took a small vacation. I hope 2000 is atleast that terrible.
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    I was reading some PA studies and they say that we are already a little dry this year. Not good. I've also heard things about how El nino/nina are still kicking around and that we will have a drought like last year. I always just say &quot;believe it when I see it&quot; and then just deal with it.
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    Yep this has been an early start for me too. Been cutting since march 10th. Would have started earlier if it hadnt been so dry. I am trying to make the best of it before the drought sets in again like they say.
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    This is where monthly contracts come in handy. I have nearly zero resistance to monthly pricing, either. They just ask how often I mow and I let them know I will be there weekly unless the grass hasn't grown at all. <p>Last year, coincidentally, I missed maybe 3 mowings and some guys here didn't mow for a month sometimes. I do admit there was a cut or two where I really questioned whether I should be mowing. Now I will be guided by when the lawn needs mowing.<p>This might not work for you, but it has allowed me to sleep at night. Also, it is nice to know my customers were serious enough to contract with me. I have been told our professionalism has sold us over the competition. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Do your kids deserve to eat during a drought??? If you feel guilty, reduce the monthly price by 25%. <p>John<p>
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    It won't stop raining here in Maryland. I wish we could bottle this up for August.<br>Almost 10 inches this month. Still cut earlier than ever.
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    with a few warm nights here in da north land we'll be mowing too...about 3 weeks ahead of schedule i figure..then again i live in wi. and it could snow any day..like it did this morning....lightly.<br>there's a saying up here..&quot;stick around a few minutes the weather will change&quot;<br>

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