Im psyched! Picking up my HRX217HXA tomorrow!!!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Nutsedge, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. rlitman

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    DON'T PAINT THE DECK! Just return the can, and save your money.
    The only color paint I've noticed on mine, is satin black (the handles, and steel parts like that).

    The deck is solid plastic, and the color goes all the way through.
    You can buff out the scratches and have it like new if you really want, or whatever. It won't rust, so it's just cosmetic.
  2. Nutsedge

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    Thanks rlitman. I wish they were just scratches but actually they are what I would call pretty nice gouges unfortunately. Since its Nexite I really have no worry about rust or paint perforation spreading to the surrounding areas. Perhaps if I feel OCD/ADD enough ill get some body putty or some other fast cure filler that I can find that is close to the color of the deck. That would make a pretty cool write up IMO.

    For the metal handlebars I assume normal paint repair entailing sanding down the cancer starting with a rough grit and ending with a #1500-#2000, priming then painting would be proper course of action?
  3. robert@honda

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    Get me the serial number off the back of the mower deck. Which exact stickers do you need?


    Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding was my opinion alone.
  4. Nutsedge

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    from STL, MO
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    Just sent you an email Robert.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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