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I'm ready for winter


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
I am looking forward to my 4-month vacation, interrupted maybe ten days for snow removal.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Working every other week??? No way, I'm taking off the whole winter unless someone is going to pay me $65/hr. for light landscaping. The only question is will my body make it through aerating and leaf seasons?????


LawnSite Member
Burleson, Texas
Gee Legend, where are you? Here in Texas, we had a "cold front" come through yesterday, and the high temp was only about 97. I kid you not, this morning I drove to our first job about 7 am (I drive a jeep with no top or doors)and had to wear my Carrhart jacket to keep from freezing. Heck, when it's 85 outside, you feel like you in the air-conditioning.
YES, I'm ready for "winter".