I'm so aggravated!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mike (MLC), Aug 14, 2002.

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    A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from an owner of an apartment complex. This guy owns several complexes in town. I already mow one of them and various people mow the other one's. The biggest complex he owns hasn't been touched in over a month. They ran off one lawn crew that had been doing it for years and got another guy who mowed a little bit and decided it was too much and quit. So needless to say when they finally decided to get another person to mow, the grass at this place was 3-4 foot tall!! I went ahead and bid the job. I was debating on taking it because it was in such bad shape, but the owner acted like he really wanted me to take it. I have been trying to fit the complex in with all of my other client's. I do a little here and there. It's not like you can get through in day. I have to rake and bag most of the grass up because there is nowhere else to go with it. Also I guess the tenants think the grass is used as a trash can. There are car batteries, beer bottles and lots of other stuff on the ground. I spent several hours picking up trash before I could even mow! All of the people who live at this place keep coming up to me and complaining about how tall the grass is by there place and wondering why it’s taking me so long. It is just my helper and me and we have explained to them many times that we'll get by their place just as soon as we can. I got into an argument with the manager of the place on Monday because she thought the whole place should have been finished by now. Today I got a call from the owner. He never has complained about the other apartment that I do for him. But, he complained a bunch today about this new one. He wondered why it was taking me so long and why I wasn’t over there 24hrs a day cleaning up the place. He said he was getting tired of people calling and complaining about how tall the grass was. I told him it wasn't my fault they decided to wait a month before hiring a new lawn service to come in and take over. Also, it has been raining everyday for the past 3 days. We have standing water everywhere. The owner said he has another lawn guy that mows some things for him and thought he might hire him for the day to help me out. I told him that he didn't need to do that and that I would get over there today. Well I show up to start mowing and notice that there was another lawn guy mowing my apartment complex. He said he was told to come mow the tall stuff down because I wasn't doing it fast enough. :realmad: I know I shouldn’t have even showed up over there today. The other guy who was mowing was doing a terrible job. I asked him what he had his deck set to so we could at least be cutting on the same height and he said, “I don’t, just whatever it is”. Now, that’s going to look real good with two different heights!!! This guy acted like he was the godfather of the lawn maintenance industry and that I was just some poor pathetic guy who was in over my head. He didn’t do any weed eating, edging or blowing. Just mowed and called it good. I was suppose to go back over he worked and finish up. He had the nerve to say something to me as he was leaving, “If you plan on finishing today, you better step it up.” Now who does he think he is?? And now they act like they are going to take money out of what they were going to pay me, to pay this guy for the day!! I have had it with this whole deal. I have never seen a place get mowed by 2 different lawn companies at the same time. I am pretty sure I will lose money on this one. We have a contract, but I am going to call them tomorrow and cancel it. Too much **** to have to deal with. Sorry this post is so long, but I just had to vent. :angry:
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    Screw them and move on. At this point they don't have enough money to make this PITA worth it. You will take a beating and probably lose the other complex, but there is only so much **** a guy can take. I would have told the other guy that was giving you lip to **** himself and the horses *** he rode in on.
    OK maybe I wouldn't have but I would have given him some lip back about how his part looked like ****.
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    The joys of cutting lawns:D
    Hope your blood pressure has settled:blob4: :blob4: :blob4:

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    You probably handled the situation better than me. I don't think I would have stayed when I saw another lco working. Just wondering what type of equipment you have and how big the property was?

    Hang in there!


    Central TX
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    Funny how some people think all we do is sit around and wait until the phone rings, run out bid the job and rush back to finish it by dark of the same day.

    Maybe they think we are like the fire department.....LOL!

    Just smile, dump this looser and go on. If you do good work and are reliable you will get something else much better. And dont worry about them, they arent worth your time. It is obvious they dont care about yours!
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    Hmmm, this might be a bit touchy since you already maintain another one of his complexes and I'm sure you don't want to lose that one. I was just wondering if you are charging enough. I would have also charged a clean-up fee and told him it would take some time to fit this large, time consuming complex into your already busy schedule. If he didn't like it, well he can go else where. As for the other LCO, I wouldn't have touched the area he's gone over and would have informed/shown the manager and owner on what a crappy job he did. If they whine and complain, explain to them you can't control the quality of maintenance other than your own business.

    Now for the other LCO lipping off,, well I would have dominated that situation. I refuse to let some scrub tell me how "it is". As a matter of fact, gimme his name and number and I'll take care of this situation for you.

    I'll generally let the customer vent a bit but I refuse to be badgered. If you do they'll walk all over you, talk about you and so forth. If you stand up to them you'll gain some respect and they'll either back off or let you go. If they let you go, you're better off w/o the headache.

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    thats why i love this site. guys here will tell you like it is.you just learned a valuable lesson, don't take anyones **** unless you are paid very very well.i would have charged a good price and asked for half up front.if an another company was thier i would not even unloaded my trailer until i talked to the owner.any way don't feel too bad you tried to work in good faith.id run from that account unless they come up some real cash.remember the movie "the money pit" you could have said quick give me 5,000 before i change my mind.good luck
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    The apartment complex has about 237 apartments in it. Lots of edging and beds around shrubs that are full of trash and pine straw. 2 pools that have grass inside the fenced in area. I have an Exmark Lazer Z Hp 52", a John Deere 21" and a Snapper 21" WB. All trimmers, blowers, and edgers are Shihl. I knew it would take a while for the clean up, but once it was done the first time, I could have gotten it knocked out within a day. But, these people wouldn't even give me a chance to clean it up properly. I didn't charge an inital clean up fee, I figured I would make it up in the winter time on this place. It doesn't seem like that will happen. I called them earlier this morning to tell them I was dropping the place. They acted like it wasn't a problem. I was suppose to cut it 3 times this month and basically only got one done. I will probably only get 1/3 of money I was going to charge them. They are suppose to call me back after they talk to the owner. Hopefully, he won't drop me from the other complex I mow for him. :rolleyes:
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    Guys ... please watch your foul language. Nobody likes reading a post filled with *******'s.

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    I stand corrected. Sorry.

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