I'm so excited!!! My new walker EFI will be here on weds.


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I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys(especially you senior members) You guys have helped me more than you will ever know. The search function on this site is a great tool, especially for newbies like me. Today I ordered my first Walker.....it's the EFI with 48" GHS deck, 9.5 bushel catcher, low profile tires, ect...In other words fully loaded! :) It set me back a cool $9000 even. Which I don't think is too bad of a price. I have heard nothing but good things about walkers, and today I was talking to my distributor and he said the kohler 26EFI is actually running closer to 30HP!!! Anyways thanks.....and i'm sure you'll be hearing from me!

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Wow, you will have HP galore. Some brands have 72" decks with less power than that. I've had two Choppers with 60" decks and only had a 20 HP Magnum Kohler on them and they did just fine. You should be able to go through 3 feet tall grass and never slow it down a bit. :)


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Yes you are right on the hp rating its 29 to 30 hp we are getting another Walker mower next week too. 26 efi big bagger 48" GHS deck with a 52" mulching and discharge deck with power-dump and tail lock. I recomend getting the tail lock on your new mower, talk about straight lines and help hold the hills better around $300 installed



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That sounds great! Talk to "Southside", he just got one a couple of months ago.


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Hey enjoy your new toy now that your all pumped up and your'll probally jump on anything now, and will have created
more time for new bizz,,,,just remeber to add in the running cost of your machine so it will pay for its self,I not sure what it it on the kolhor model but on the kabota
come out somwhere aroud $5.90 per hour or so i've been told.
Good mowing. make that cheeze!!!!


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I've got a 26EFI too and - so far so good. It does have lots of power and uses much less gas. Walker keeps making improvements to the mowers too. Leaf eating season is coming, I like picking oak dust out of my nose. You will love the mower. Good Luck.


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Good choice of mower. I've had mine for a few months now,and it's been excellent.More power than I know what to do with. I have the atv tyres and the speed up pulley on it.
The speed up pulley is a wothwhile investment.
I am interested in the power rating of the 26hp efi motor,
why call it 26hp if it's 29-30hp?


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