i'm so happy i found this site!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by blumpkinator, May 6, 2009.

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    hey everyone, i just stumled across the site about 5 days ago and haven't stopped reading since! i wanna thank everyone on here for being so informative. i've already had so many questions answered for me and havent had to type a thing!

    Let me tell you about myself, im 21 i've been working for my cousin for the past 5 years in an extremely wealthy area, he's owned his lawn maintence service for about 25 years. He taught me all over work ethic and having a ridiculous sense of humor cuz life happens whether it's good or bad, so yo might as well be happy. He also taught me all about quality and perfection rather then sloppy and quick work. because of him, i've mastered the art of weedwacking (for those that know, it truely is an art form).

    long story short his success inspired me to start my own company (a few towns over, not to piss him off) and it's working out great. this is my first season, i started with just my neighbors lawn and now i've got 7 local customers. i bought a brandnew stihl BR600 and a used fs76 weedwacker. my buddy sold me an old ass bobcat 36" walkbehind for $100.. the mower sucks balls but it gets the job done. I tow it with a little asian red trailer on my Chevy Colorado-SexMachine.

    i'm in the market for a new machine, prefer a 32" walk behind with a floating deck and prefer belt driven. I'm tryin to spend under $3k. i've been interested in those Quick machines.. from what i gather, those 33" billy goat/cub cadets aint worth the ****. any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome to the site. You are correct that line trimming is an art form. It's also nice to have another Jersey guy on here. Check out our Jersey guys thread in the "network with people from your area" forum. Where are ya at in Jersey if you don't mind me askin?
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    No doubt that line trimming is an Art!! Glad that you found the site. You will find some very use full information on this site. Good luck this season!!

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