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I'm starting to get that urge again!

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Victor, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Victor

    Victor LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,430

    Man! I'm really getting an urge to buy some more water puppies. I've already got 6 and am thinking about getting another 4. I just need to figure out which direction I want to go before I pull the trigger. There are so many good choices out there. It's pretty daunting. Right now, I'm leaning towards buying a pair of Bekko's and naming them "Shamu" and "Namu" (since they can tend to have killer whale-like markings). I'm also considering the purchase of an Asagi and maybe a Goshiki to go with it. I always get excited when I start thinking about new fish coming in.


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