I'm stumped. Is it the controller or the solenoid?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by MILSINC, Jul 17, 2007.


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    Need a little input guys. On a system I installed, one of the zones is running continually, even when the timer is set in the off position. During manual zone operation at the timer, the zone shuts off! When returned to auto, the zone turns back on again, when it shouldn't be. I replaced valve and solenoid, but same results. Could the problem be the timer? I am planning to swap wiring on that station with another zone to see if it does the same on another valve. Any thoughts? the controller is a rain bird ec 6.
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    What kind of valves did you install?
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    controller is either putting out power to the station most of the time or you have an eratic solenoid. test the controller first then move on to the valve, but sounds like a hot zone on the controller

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    I installed Rain Bird DV valves. I swapped three brand new solenoids, each time with the same result (still running when it shouldn't be.). I also threw in a new valve. I am starting to think it must be the controller. I just got off the phone with Rain Bird ( I know, I'm really reaching here), and they didn't have any idea what would cause it, but they don't like to admit that the controller might malfunction. I do agree, I think that zone on the controller is not working properly. But any more ideas are greatly appreciated, as this is the first time I've had this type of problem, and I assume someone else has run across this before. Thanks again.
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    Why all the swapping, as opposed to some electrical testing?
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    I have to agree with Wet Boots, you have gone the hard route so far. Start with some electrical testing or do the most simple thing that requires no digging... Swap the zone wire.

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    Is a multimeter not part of you toolkit?

    If you getting voltage at the valve when your not supposed to, whats the point of digging it up and changing it?
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    Or how about a phillips screw driver. If takes about 10 secons to unscrew the sone wire and unhook it to see if it shuts off.
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    For future reference always start at the controller to troubleshoot, by the sounds of it you have probably wasted hours with no results.

    If you don't have a multimeter get one they are invaluable just in time savings alone, also if you don't know how to use a volt meter try using a valve solenoid, not as versatile but you can do some troubleshooting with it.

    good luck and go swap out that bad controller.

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