I'm taking the Texas TDA Ornamental & Turf test Wednesday


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20 years ago I was a licensed aerial applicator in Georgia, Alabama and Florida and need to know what to expect on the Texas Ornamental & Turf tests. I have been studying the three books (Laws, General Applicator and Commercial Applicator) I got from Austin.

How many questions on these tests?
What is the approximate time to complete?
How many questions on calibration?
Any last minute study suggestions?

Thanks, in advance.

I can't believe this is a closed book test. Do they think we won't look in the book when we have a question after we're licensed?


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Originally posted by tx_angler
20 years ago I was a licensed aerial applicator

Service MOS 061 -- OD1 -- FAC. You have more guts than I.


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Don't fret too much if you've been around the business that long. Lots of label questioning and simple calibration equations. I think the ornamental module was 50 questions, but might have been 100 - multiple choice. The study guides are pretty good.

Laws and reg portion is not too bad despite all the study material. I believe it was 50 questions. Several legal questions on liability limits and penalties. Allow at least one hour for each module.

I had been privately licensed for ag purposes for 25 years when I took the commercial test. While testing for ornamental/turf, I figured I might as well add in the field crops module as well while I was there. Thought it would be a breeze since cotton/grain has been my livelihood and I'm a certifiied agronomist.I barely passed it--- too many questions about RICE??. I'm 400 miles from a rice field! Probably 30 other people testing the day I was there and I got the feeling that most of them had been there before. Most were municpal workers taking non-commercial license test and didn't seem to give rip. I guess it was a day off for them. They grade on the spot. Worst-case, you can retest in a month.

Hey, you survived an aerial application career ---- don't worry about a test. Good luck.