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I'm tired of asking, now it's time to call in the big guns!!



Millenium Member
I really like the cause, that's why I try to continue it! But, to expect all 900-1000 member to all send money in is not realistic. The other day I was in McDonalds, sign says over 94 billion or so served, I bet all of those 94 billion don't still visit McDonalds!

The point, not all of the 1000 or so still participate in this site, just look at the " Who? Where? What Did You Start With?" section, only 107 out of 1300 people have replyed to that, and many of those people have not posted here in months!

So....that means that the ones who do participate in this site must step up and give more that $3.50! "But the site is free!!", yep it is and that's the point! Chuck is allowing us to use his site for free, the least we can do is say "thank you" by helping send him on a vacation!

I just got some more free info from Stephen via email, I think I will write Chuck another check, maybe each of you should do the same!

Thanks Chuck!!

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