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I'm to expensenive on dethatching


LawnSite Bronze Member
MN, A-noka CO.
I'm in Minnesota,
I have been biding dethatching at 95-110 for 6000 sq ft.

I havn't gotten one client to go with it yet.
I need suggestions


LawnSite Silver Member
Ontario, Canada
Using our Walker and the tines on the front we are doing 20,000 sq ft for around $100. Dumping on site, leaves must have been picked up in the fall and the lawn has to be short before we start or we add a cutting charge to it. We aren't taking up alot of material either it actually just fluffs up the grass and gets rid of any leftover leaves.
Maybe you are higher than your market will bear? Are other companies busy and near your price? Are you efficient?

Nathan Robinson

LawnSite Senior Member
Actually you are way to low. I would never dethatch that cheap. dethatching is something few do! keep your prices set right and dont count on having 100 dethatching jobs to do this year.


LawnSite Bronze Member
MN, A-noka CO.
$100 in my area Running over it with a power rake and removal from site. Thats for 6K.

Where at in Minnesota?
North Metro.

Just moved here from TX,
where there wasn't thatch.

I've had a few local contractors say not to go below $100.

I'm bidding the leaf/ spring clean-ups at seperate prices.
And using [havn't yet] a tine rake on the front of a midsize walkbehind.