I'm venting, I'm Ticked and I need a reality check

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by cpritch, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Those that Know Not and Knows Not that they Know Not are Fools,
    Those that Know Not and Knows they Know Not are wise
    Those That Know and Know they Know are Leaders.
    Those that Think they Know but Know Not, are worse than fools.
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    you should learn more about chemistry before you make dumb statements like that.

    the term "organic" only means that a chemical has a carbon center or backbone.

    a chemical is a combination of more than one molecule.

    "organics" as you use the term ARE chemicals.

    the first post was stating it much more correctly.. natural and synthetic......
    those terms are much more appropriate.

    nicotine is a natural compound (produced by tobacco plants to prevent animals from eating them). It is an "organic" pesticide that is extremely toxic. So much so that is you buy it you WILL have an inspection from the NC dept of ag. .... it is super bad stuff... and it's organic....

    lots of plants like oleanders produce very toxic compounds.. eat oleander leafs and you WILL die... Ever hear of "oleander tea"?

    you should really not go so much off the deep end with the poor informatoin you have in this subject area. It makes you sound like a knee jerk "tree hugger" who is ranting about things they know VERY little about. It also makes it very easy for people to win arguments against you becuase it becomes very easy to discredit your statements and make you look very ignorant on this subject.

    so before you go on a rant like the one above, how about learning a little bit about what you are going hysterical about.

    as for the thread starter...
    in NC it is a violation to spray ANY chemical if the wind is above 10mph. Report them to the porper authority. get a record of the local wind velocities that day and call the appropriate governing body.

    also nontarget runoff is a very serious problem. have someone come over and test your soils for contamination.. if you have any then sue.

    the 2-4-D has a very low vapor pressure and will gass off before it gets into the soil, and most lawn chemicals have very short lived lives (soil bacteria break them down), so i would get someone out very quickly.

    the main concern if they were applying a "trimec" product (2-4D, dicaamba, and mcpp) will be the dicamba. it has the longest soil half life.

    and keep in mind that there are many VERY safe lawn chemicals out there. Roundup being one of the safest things you can use. It has NO affects on mammels whatsoever... it has vess VOC (measure of toxicisity) than table salt.

    i can apprecate your concern with TG. They are by far one of the most irresponsible applicators out there.

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