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  1. Merc145

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    from Texas
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    How do you put an image at your name. Like company logo, pic, etc....?

  2. Turfdude

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    Send Chuck (the Administrator) a PM, maybe he'll explain it to ya.
  3. 75

    75 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hi Hank - those small images you are referring to are known as "avatars", you can attach one by going to your profile (second from left in the row of links at the top of the page)

    Once you're there (it will say "User control panel for Merc145") click on "Edit Options".

    At the bottom of that page is a section called "Other options". Under "Avatar", click on where it says "more info". This will give you a bit more info about avatars. There is a maximum file size for avatars: 10,000 bytes (or 75 x 75 pixels for a photo).

    Once you're at this point it's fairly self-explanatory how to go about attaching the avatar itself.

    There's also info in this thread:

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