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Image, code, and Web site help for Lco's


LawnSite Fanatic
If you're a site maniac like myself, you might know the specifics about 12-second and under load-times but it really is not so important so long you concentrate on making your site load faster, then from time to time you do an upgrade to make it better. It is VERY important the size of the FILE of each of your images be as small as possible and also it is VERY important your code be without errors and IF you can make it cross-browser compliant that would be nice but make sure it works in IE first, Mozilla/Netscape next, and not to break bad on the rest of the browsers but they are not important for this purpose.
I used some tools when I first started helped me along and it takes a bit of getting used to but it IS free just the paid version is less anal (wait before you pay):
The tool is Netmechanic so like the Graphics Optimizer is here:
(scroll down, then browse the image off your hard-drive or enter the url of its web address, enter a temp email addie, and for now select SAME as Input, then click Test Now and watch for the results the rest is self-explanatory).

For the code and load-time fixer, you have to do it 1 page at a time for the free version it is here:
Again scroll down a bit, enter the url of your site, leave the selector on 1 page, you can SKIP the addie for this it will still work, then click Test Now.

BEFORE you get excited and pay, I have not seen ANY upgrades to Netmechanic's software in the past 5 years so I am telling you it is a somewhat outdated tool BUT it still should help you improve your site a LOT!
Peace out and Good luck.

p.s.: running the code-checker or the image tool will NOT hurt your site.
If you're still a bit leery, run MY site and watch:
http://r.netmechanic.com/toolbox/np...=batch&robot=toolbox&email=&submit= Test Now
p.s.s.: always work on your site as much as you can :) It is a little bit like having a model train station in the basement or the garage, it is built with pieces called content and it just takes time (well yes, lots of it).


LawnSite Fanatic
Oh there is one more thing:
Due to Netmechanic's out-of-date issue, the only things that are of importance as far as the code-check is concerned ARE:
Load Time
HTML Check & Repair
Bad Links

You MIGHT glance at the spell check but the rest is so far out of date you can safely ignore those errors for they do not address today's latest browsers' abilities, instead treating proper code such as dhtml or Xhtml as errors.

If you NEED a good code editor, try the syntax-based Edit plus (it also does perl, C++, etc, but is good for html and java):
You can pay for it later and I did not tell you the time-limited trial version never really expires ;)

EditPlus is an Internet-ready 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. <- Professional webmasters like myself use this to make our sites roxor, you could say this is the commercial Wb for Web site building.


LawnSite Fanatic
I forgot to mention but if you need some graphic sets, check out my gallery:

Also here's another excellent webmaster help site:

(Notice on Tanya's site, although it's a business site that primarily sells hosting, she gives away a LOT of USEFUL, related stuff <- THAT attracts free traffic hence why I say if you can build useful articles how-to do stuff for your customers then that would help get people to visit the site).


LawnSite Fanatic
Things to stay away from:

- Enter pages reduce your traffic by 25 percent, so don't waste time with one.
- Music ON also reduces traffic by about 25 percent, this is no joke either.
- Banner exchanges / rotations, UNLESS you can get into an exchange that ONLY does lawnsites, steer clear from these.


LawnSite Fanatic
More stuff:

Once you get really tech'ed up at Netmechanic and you're ready for the next step (this one's a bit rough for the new-comer, I didn't do much with this until much later but in the end this is what brings a site to 100% roxority -
It's NOT as easy as it sounds, yes it 'validates' your code but YOU still have to make the changes, the cryptography of it all confused me thoroughly so don't feel bad if you don't 'get' this one right off, but keep it in mind for later down the road.

Next step requires a FULL site backup!!!
- ALWAYS make a backup at least once/month, regardless!
So IF you have a site backup (one easy way to do a full site backup is build pages on your own hard-drive then upload the changes rather than building purely on the server SO when I want to make a backup, I simply right-click on the MAIN folder on my hard-drive that contains all the files for my site, and Zip it up - Voila!) Make SURE you have a backup, once you got that done, THIS xhtml converter can really make a snap out of auto-validating/auto-fixing your code (and in some cases, skru'ing things up royal, hence why you need a backup FIRST) Anyway:
- What you do is enter the url of the .htm document to tidy, click Tidy results and WAIT !!!
- WAIT until you are SURE the document is fully loaded: It will look funny because it doesn't load graphics but that part is normal.
- Once you are SURE it is fully loaded (broadband recommended, wait 5 or 10 seconds AFTER your whole page appears), then View-Source and there you have your NEW Xhtml page, all pre-validated and all BUT:
- It works MOST of the time: Copy-and-paste your new code and replace the code in your current file of the same name with it, upload (ftp works good) to your server and now make SURE everything works (yes, click by click, sorry).
IF it works, GREAT! If it doesn't, restore from backup (I told you).

If you get really good (but this takes time) it should eventually look like this:
(note: site rated Mature but this doesn't affect the results you see):
(and by the way, I fixed 34 errors on the above page RIGHT before I posted this, so don't let my spam fool you into thinking I'm all THAT lol).

Good luck.