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    I've been using an image album from Image Event which has no ads on it.

    After several years, we have a very high ranking site in Oregon, but if I was to repeat my web presence like going back in time, I'd almost consider the Album pages alone.

    Somebody with fine digital photos of work, could merely list an album URL online.

    For certain individuals, it could be a very reasonable means. If someone wanted an image portfolio, but not a website, that would be a good option.

    The $25 per year fee enables a clean professional site without any advertising.

    For people with websites, they provide a code that inserts in your own web page layout.

    At Image Event, my URL for the album home is

    If you go to and click any link, you will see how the Image Event code places the album in my own page layout.

    My main use is for Oregon scenic images that I refer to from our website.

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