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    I have just got my pecticide license and have already had two yards to spray for weeds. The Problem is there are so many weeds that I can't identify all of them. The ones I can identify are covered by Image to be used on Burmuda grass. The books and test do not help me in what chemical to use. What is the best resource?
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    Do you guys have a Lesco up there? Most of the time, those guys will be a big help in choosing a herbicide.:)
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    That web site will help you identify the weeds you're targeting, and PBI Gordon's recommended product.

    You've learned the difference between broadleaf and grassy weeds. Keep searching here for more and more and even more specific details!

    That being said, Image is a very good product with a broad range of control of grassy and broadleaf weeds. But it will discolor bermuda, and can really stunt it bad if the turf is not healthy.

    Now go slowly, grasshopper! The trick is to not total a lawn while you're killing the weeds!

    One of the best tips I learned early on from this forum was to add a little liquid N or liquid Iron to your spray mix. It helps the target uptake the chemical and helps the grass recover from the injury.
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    Check with your local Co-op. They can help a lot.
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    I really appreciate the help. We do not have Lesco around here but I will check out the website mentioned. I used the image exactly as recommended and practiced with my backpack and sprayer to get it calibrated correctly. My concern on one yard is once the weeds are gone the guy won't have anything else. Explained too that the Image was going to kill the winter rye as well but that it would die in the summer anyway. I actually suggested waiting to next kill everything and start over. The other yard is sod and very nice. I don't want to mess it up. He has only a couple of weeds that I actually took to another guy to help identify. The dominant weed was nutsedge based on the experienced guy but in my book it doesn't match up exactly. Based on the book is was closer to chickweed but it has little yellow flowers. Whatever it is I have found it in every yard I have worked in this year landscaping, mowing, etc. just in varying amounts. Now that I am spraying I better learn quickly. Applying as required is the easy part but this identifying and knowing what to use without destroying someones yards is hard. Thanks again.
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    I'm over in TN. just now. Get this stuff early. There's more work there than meets the eye. You could add a little sticker to your Image mix. watch it, it will take more than one shot of Image to get Nutsedge. Good Luck and welcome to the site.
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    Sometimes that happens although it seems like Bermuda will kinda "self-renovate" itself better than other warm-season grasses once the weed competition is removed.

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