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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by alldayrj, Jun 30, 2013.

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    My whole point is - if you post pictures ANYWHERE on the WWW and someone pirates your pictures - you're unreasonable for getting upset and or angry. Wasting time.

    To say you automatically have exclusive full legal rights to pics you post on the internet is not 100% accurate. If that were the case - the copyright symbol would not be needed :).
    It's an "Assumed Risk".

    This is an easy start up business. The people pirating pictures do not have knowledge and or understanding of creativity, great "ideas", etc. You and I know the importance of grand "ideas" and creativity, but for the ones pirating photos - that is furthest from their mind.

    Slap a watermark on the pictures, place it at the main focus point, that way it can't be clipped out.

    There is an organization called MXPTV. they shoot video and snap pictures. Every picture on their site has their watermark. Purchase the pic and they remove the watermark. If you watch any of their videos and you pause it and do a screen shot - their watermark will automatically appear on the screen shot, I think that's pretty darn slick! I learn from others....

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    I will watermark my pics. I want to mess with this goon. Call me immature
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    DVS, have a conversation with an intellectual property attorney. While it's not always worth the money to go after someone for infringing your copyright, it exists - even without the little "c" in a circle.
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    Please keep us posted lol.:laugh::laugh:
  5. alldayrj

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    I got his website too, its disjointed and awkward but at least my walkway isnt on it. they are a decent sized contractor in my area, not sure why they would do this. or the goon is claiming their website as his.

    any suggestions schultz?

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