Immigration Issues

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    I'd love to see huge fines for hiring illegals. I don't see a particular problem with lowballing here, maybe because it's too expensive of an area to live in. But LCOs that hire illegals have the ability to grow larger faster and thus steal market share from the guys doing it the right way. There's one LCO I see almost every time I drive by the ol' day labor site, his trucks in there picking up illegals. He's a sizable residential LCO. If he had to do it right, maybe he'd be working solo and there would be more lawns for everyone else...
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    Are you a legal citizen? If so, do you love America more than Mexico? Do you believe in our Consitution and our Laws?

    If we open our borders than we will be a safe and secure nation?

    Mexico has brought some good workers in as well as thieves, gangs, drugs,& diseases.
  3. DSIM

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    I agree and would add that I would love to see huge truck loads of illegals being deported then microchipped so we would know where they are at all times :usflag:
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    Guys, lets get something straight right now so we can stop wasting time typing responses to Lowballers posts.

    He's a troll.

    If we ignore him enough he will go away.

    So lets put him to rest and concentrate on the thread at hand.
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    Yes, I am legal to cut here in America.
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    WHOA! Some country did almost that about 70 years ago but instead of microchips they used tatoos and brands. I think we all know how that turned out.

    Thats not a good idea.
  7. lowballer17

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    I agree. They need to deport the Americans living in California, Nevada, Texas, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, oklahoma.
    We Mexicans will gladly return to our homes:clapping:
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    Here is your economic lesson.....You might be inclined to charge more if you owned your own home (instead of sharing rent with 8 other guys) paid taxes and ran legit. Pretty soon the feds are gonna put a tax on all that $ being wired out of the country which at 7% will probably be enough $ to support the war on terrorism. Your moniker suggests you are indeed a jackass.....every message board has a village idiot and you're it.
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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    I couldn't have said it better myself

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