Immigration Issues

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DSIM, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Lawn Masters

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    I'm sick of illegals taking advantage of our homeland like it was some sort of free stuff for the taking.

    immigrants that come here the legal way, have papers to prove it, and speak english/pay taxes, I'm totally fine with though.

    I'll get off my soap box now, and shut my mouth.
  2. PGA

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    And thats the problem. What started out as a good idea turned very bad very quick.

    But this is getting off track.

    This is a free country but only to the people that want to pay their dues. We cant have people coming in for a free ride.

    But I will say this. America wouldnt be what it is today without the English, Irish, German, French, Italian, Black, Chinese, or Mexican people that have come here in the last 2 centurys.
  3. DSIM

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    There's a video called, "A Nation Adrift" It shows our country from the start and then progressively to where we are at now.

    It shows Roger Baldwin who founded the communistic ACLU. It shows the lady responsible for Planned Parenthood. Along with many other interesting things.

    America was built on Christian principles. Its not that way anymore, unfortunately.
  4. PGA

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    Im going to step out of this conversation because I think its headed in the wrong direction and some hateful things are about to start flying.
  5. bobbygedd

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    hello, uncle tom. that's an old tale by the way- the african tribe leaders didn't sell thier people, that was only a lie, that ole whitey made up, to make things seem better
  6. DSIM

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    I hope my religous rhetoric didnt offend you. I cant help it. I'm a religous guy.:)
  7. PGA

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    Nothing that people believe in offends me. Im not here to judge anyone because I dont even know what I believe in is true.

    I just think this thread is getting way offtrack and peoples feelings are going to get hurt and people will get pissed.
  8. DSIM

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    Well its not far off track. We are talking about our country and the values we share.
  9. Xterminator

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    Funny you start talking about Mexico and look where it leads. The white man is holding the black man down
  10. DSIM

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    We shouldnt be putting any race down at all. This is not the intention of this thread.
    I believe all men are equal in God's eyes. What I am putting down is the criminal aspect of being here in America illegal.

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