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    At a company I used to work for there was a brazillian guy who was the best worker that i have ever worked with. He knows how to do everything when it comes to lawn maitenance and now can speak pretty decent english. He has an out of state drivers liscence, and a tax id number, but no green card, visa, or social security number. He has been in the country 5 years, has never gotten into trouble and worked with the company since he got here.

    My question is, now that I am on my own, is there some way i can help him get the papers he needs so that he can work for me legally?

    Im not sure where to go to get the info, or who i need to talk to in town to try and help this guy out....if it is even possible...

    any responses are appreciated !!
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    No and Yes! Can't get him legal as long as he is here.... He can return to his country and you can apply for H2B and ask to bring him across. You chances of making that happen is low because first it is costly and many people and if they find anything in background like arrest here then he can't come again. If there was an easy way the 20 million would be standing in line.
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    It can be done, but it's a long process. The government is slow to react on some things, and legal immigration is no exception. Like it's already been said the line is long indeed.

    A few years back there was a friend who wished to visit the US, and wanted to stay about 90 days. I had to send a letter to the embasy stating that I would be financially responsible and guarantee his return at the end of the 90 days. The tourist visa was easy enough but still a hassel. The work visa is a real bite in the butt.
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    He would stand a better chance if he married him than going through the legal process.
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