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  1. Acorn

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    How many of you provide/push Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
  2. fox

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    i have always sub-contracted pest control, in most cases you have to have an applicators liscense. concentrate on the lawn care.
  3. AL Inc

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    We do, the phrase has become popular here. There have been studies that show that Long Island has an above average incidence of cancer than other areas of NY. There is nothing linking this to pesticides, but anything is possible.
    I make sure my clients know that we are aware of this, and go out of our way to monitor for insects and diseases, only apply when necessary, don't over-fertilize, and use the smallest amount possible to get good results.
    For example, as we get into July and August, I will start to monitor lawns for grubs by flipping back a small patch and looking for them. I only had to treat a handful of lawns for grubs last year.
    Until it is proven that the "organics"will actually get the same results as chemical products, IPM will be the way to approach it.
  4. I don't see how you can have a sound program without using ipm
  5. bobbygedd

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    ok, we have a standard program. but, what we do is talk with the client and try to get a little history. ex: have u had problems with grubs? what kind of program have u been on the last few years. if a client says they have never had grub problems, nor have their neighbors, depending on what i see, we may skip the grub treatment. etc. so my question is this: if u r truly practing strict ipm, how can u sell a program to a potential client in say, february? i have clients that ive had for years , and their lawns are in such great shape, they water properly, etc, they really could probably skip a pre em treatment, and grub treatment. if a customer is new, you cant be familiar with their lawn and its problems, then how can u possibly quote a program, and truly be practicing ipm? am i explaining this properly? what i mean is, until u r familiar with each individual lawn, and the practices of its owner, how can u truly practice ipm. i have one client, they get treatment #1(crab/pre em, fert), and then skip grub treatments and broadleaf treatments, they get a fert again in late may, and another in sept. their lawn is perfect! the best around, even in a heat wave, when others look bad, theirs stays nice. but, the only way i knew what they needed, was by becoming familiar with their lawn, over a 5 year period. get what im saying? or did i drink way too much sangria

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