Impact wrench or breaker bar for blade removal?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by fritowrdo, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. fritowrdo

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    I tradionally have had the dealer do my blade sharpening at the end of the year but I am thinking of doing mid season blade changing.

    I am thinking breaker bar but would a impact wrench be more useful?
  2. Tadams

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    Are you talking about the Toro 21"er? If so, an impact will make it alot easier but that is a sizable investment. A breaker bar will do the job. Just use a small piece of 2x4 to wedge the blade so it doesn't move. Take the plug wire off the plug also.
  3. leejp

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    I have a cheap impact wrench and a small compressor and it didn't budge the blade bolt on my redhawk 36" the first time I took the blade off. A 4' length of steel pipe slipped onto a 1/2" socket driver did the trick.

    I put permatex on the threads and hand tightened using an 18" breaker bar.... There's no slipping and I've taken the blades on/off a couple of times with no problems.

    I suspect that a larger compressor and a better impact wrench might have done the job. But with my limite use (homeowner maybe 1x/month), I can't justify a $150+ impact wrench (my whole mechanics air tool set didn't cost that much).
  4. nmurph

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    sharpen once per year?????? did i read that right??
  5. TAZ

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    Impact wrench for me. Less time and less hassle than using the 2x4 and the bar but I can see that it's hard to justify if your only use as a homeowner is to remove your blade. You should be sharpening about every 8-10 hours of actual mowing time.

  6. fishinpa

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    Lowe's has an item called "Blade Breaker" and I think it costs about $7.00 to $8.00. It has 1 large easy to use 'screw' that you wedges to the deck and the arms on it hold the blade in place while you remove the bolt. This is MUCH safer than the 2x4 deal which I used to do myself. Highly recommended! Don't forget to try to somehow check you blades are balanced. They also have this $2.00 piece of plastic that you can set the blade on to see if its somewhat balanced. Not very highly accurate by any means, but I think it works well enough for a homeowners purposes.

    I'm able to remove the blades from my MFT with a standard length 3/8 driver and socket.

    NOTE: I'd have to concur with where I think nmurph is trying to go with his question above... you need to sharpen a bit more that once a year. Once a year... you ought to just replace the blade(S). I sharpen my blades about monthly. So often so that I rarely need more than a hand file to clean up the edge.
  7. Budget

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    I use a breaker bar on my equipment. Blades are sharpend when needed. If you hit alot of sticks and stone you might have to sharpen at 5 lawns. I inspect them and the first nick i find they all come off.
  8. fritowrdo

    fritowrdo LawnSite Fanatic
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I agree with doing the blade changes more than once a year and that is why I am looking at a breaker bar.

    I plan on getting a 24" 1/2" breaker bar by Duralast from Autozone unless you guys say not too.

    I just plan on having the dealer sharpen my blades since I will do it a couple times a year.

    I did pick up one of those blade 'lockers' to hold the blade while you remove the locking bolt.
  9. flgtr95

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    Arnold "Blade Breaker" (~$10) and 3/8" breaker bar (~$13) from Lowes works everytime. A little Fluid Film helps too.
  10. razor1

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