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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Evan528, Apr 22, 2000.

  1. Evan528

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    im am in the market for a electric impact wrench to remove the blades on my mowers. i assume i need a 3/4 inch impact wrench because the bolts on the blades on my z master are 3/4 inches. what kind do you have and where did you buy them. im am looking to spend about 100 bucks. just some thing that will do the job... nothing fancy! i went to home depot and sears tonight but all they had were 1/2 inch impacy wrenches... please help! im tired of taking the blades of with a socket wrench every damn day!
  2. firedog

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    you will only find 1/2" in electric they don't make a electric 3/4". just becouse your bolts are 3/4" that does not mean you need a 3/4" impact. what you have to look at is the amount of torque that is on the bolts. the 1/2" one for sears should be more than enought for what you are doing. I have that one and use it a lot.
  3. gene gls

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    You guys that are useing impact wrenches need to check your machine spec's to make sure that you are not over tightening your blades whitch will cause other problems later on.If you run a Walker its only 40 ftlbs. Thats not much.
  4. Eric ELM

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    Evan, the impact wrench is a 1/2&quot; drive, you then put on a 3/4&quot; socket. I agree with Gene, don't tighten them to much. <p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
  5. DMC300

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  6. Evan528

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    how do you no whe to let go of the trigger? (to no when its tight enough?) do you just hold the blade with one hand and use the impact wrench with the other? a friend told me that wiith a impact wrench it spins so fasdt you dont have to hold the blade....what are the 3/4 ones for then if you put difffrent sockets on them anyway?<br><br>
  7. JJ Lawn

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    Not sure about all brands of mowers, but I'll bet that most spec books will tell you to tighten blade bolts with a torque wrench. And probably anywhere from 40 to 65 ft pounds depending upon manufacturer. If you tighten with an impact wrench you will probably overtighten, which will cause too much pressure on the spindle bearings which will cause them to wear faster. And you can also damage the spindle housing. You could also void your warranty.<p>Your best bet is to use a little never sieze on the nuts and tighten with a torque wrench. In 5 years I have never had a blade come loose nor a nut too tight to remove using this method. <p>Jim
  8. southside

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    I would go with the torque wrench.If you<br>must use a rattle gun(impact wrench) then go<br>for a pneumatic 1/2&quot; Snap-On gun.They make the best gear and last for ages.<p>Karl<br>
  9. grasscapeinc

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    DO NOT use an impact wrench to put the blades on. Only to take them off.<br>Most impact wrenches are adjustable, but usually the minimum is 135lbs. That is WAY to much for the blades. Use a torque wrench. About $20. Also if you plan to use power tools for your equip, invest in a good AIR compressor, and air tools, you wont be disappointed. Much less expensive, and longer lasting than electric.

    FIREMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    check the torque specs for your machine then find a snap-on/mac dealer and ask them for a torque wand...this in an extension that you put between the gun and the will not let you overtighten the nuts.. also snapon makes a cordless impact driver that is unbelievably powerful...i'm not sure of the specs but it does work very well.

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