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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Aug 18, 2005.

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    Its been very very dry in NW Pa and recently we had a few days of rain and cooler temps. so the grass is greening up and growing now. But Iv'e had 4 customers mow it them selves, 2 of which were scheduled 2 days later and 1 was scheduled the next day. I don't mind driving by to see if it needs mowed or not but with gas prices the way they are it really sucks when you drive all over God's creation to check and find out they just mowed it. Does anyone still charge and if how and what do you do? It's one thing to call us with a few days notice but mowing it yourself and not calling, I think I have the right to charge something! :realmad:
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    Depends on how "good" the customer is if I would push charging them anyway. I would talk to them about it. However, I have a couple "slow payers" that I just juggle there cuts around when I have scheduling problems. I give my top priority to "good" customers.
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    I dont tollerate the "I decided to do it themselves" routine. I got screwed over big time last spring with a customer who decided to spread mulch I delivered herself. (I will try and find the thread).

    I depends on the customer-if they are generally good, and havent done this before, let it go this time, but not again.

    If they are a pita-and do this on a reg. basis-charge them a fee for the trip...
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