Imperial Property Services legit?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ojays lawn care, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. ojays lawn care

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    Imperial Property Services
    151 Northern Concourse
    Syracuse, NY 13202

    so i was contacted by this company to maintain foreclosed properties in my area. Has anyone had experience working with them and know if they are legitimate. I'm just starting out, so a company that is guaranteeing me work, even tho the price isn't what i would normally charge sounds like its worth looking into to.
  2. bulhead19

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    I heard and read nothing but problems with this company. On my local CL, there is someone always bashing them saying avoid because they don't pay, they are misleading and the company even changed their name due to fraud.? Now, I have no proof if any of this is true but all of them foreclosure maintenance companies seem rather shady to me. The whole idea of taking 100 pics of one property for a small sum is just a waste of time in my eyes. Just my 2 cents.
  3. ojays lawn care

    ojays lawn care LawnSite Member
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    I appreciate your insight, but is some work better than no work? Like i said, im just starting out as a part time guy, only have a couple of mediocre accounts as is. It does seem shady tho, probably better off with legitimate clients
  4. petscanning

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    ive heard the same and had them call me as well. I really dont like doing business out of state. I have a couple of clients but I have personally met them and I bill them right away. If I ever get burned it will be for a small sum
  5. bulhead19

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    You're better off staying with the resis. Work your way up slow and steady. Problem with these companies is that the houses they send you haven't been attended in months usually. So BE PREPARED to break your equipment because of junk, litter and you name it in the over grown lawns. Most of these companies don't pay **** for your time. What kind of equipment do you have? You also have to have to factor in your time taking/sending the pictures to them as well pay periods. I would look else where bud. No sense of working just for the sake of working and then in return putting money into your equipment because it broke due to the job.
  6. ojays lawn care

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    I have
    48 scag walkbehind w/ sulky, bagger, and jrco dethatcher
    red max backpack

    I used to landscape when i was a kid, got out of it, now i am trying to slowly get back into it, not really sure how to advertise and get business, as when i was a kid i bought someone out.I don't have much money for advertising as i used most of what i had to equipment. What do you think about having some door hangers made up and passing em out door to door

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