Implications of ObamaCare?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ExmarkBoy, Feb 25, 2014.

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    I wouldn't worry about that it was passed with 51 votes using the budget resolution process as it was never intended to be used. And in 2017 it will be killed the same way the Dems opened the door and while establishment Reps might wish to just let it slide the Tea party will have even more say then including very likely the Presidency its self. And the Dems will breath a shy of relief when it does die. They know full well they over stepped.

    T I studied this for 2 years too but I also study politics and I am very accurate in my predictions.
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    I sure hope so, but socialized medicine is a load that no country has ever been able to throw off after it has been introduced. Freedoms taken are rarely given back. Our country needs prayer...
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    This isn't socialized medicine. This is no different than what we have had forever. Its nothing but a big handout to the insurance companies.

    All this program is, is mandating that you buy insurance from an insurance company. Like states do with car insurance. It put in some regulations to not allow the insurance companies to take your money and then drop you as soon as you get sick.

    It then offers partial subsidies if you don't make enough to be able to pay the full cost.

    Big freakin deal. We spend trillions subsidizing other countries, banker bonuses, corporations, oil companies......yet now they decide to spend a little money on the actual people that need it and Limbaugh gets the people that need help the most to cry "we don't want healthcare"

    This program is not perfect. I don't like the concept to begin with. We still have billion dollar bonus making middlemen.

    Eliminate the insurance companies with their profits and bonuses, and everything would be cheaper.

    The fact is single payer countries beat us in every statistic. We're crying we don't want that when the undisputable facts show its better.

    So in the meantime what do we do? Most people its impossible to afford insurance on their own. So they go without. So at least now its affordable.
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    It's a big money circle. If you didn't have to pay a few thousand dollars to get an x ray of your pinkie done, people might be able to afford it themselves. $300 for a month of medicine etc

    Cost of medical equipment, supplies, and service is the problem. $10k for 2 nights in the hospital? That is ridiculous
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    Yes yes.

    The Never ending "medicine costs too much" droll.

    For the record, My whole family was/is Doctors. My Father started out with a black bag and a flashlight looking for addresses from patients who called int he middle of the night because they were ill (ERs had not been invented yet)
    This is back when just about ANYONE could afford a doctor and paid cash!

    Problem is, doctor carried drugs in his bag.
    1 out of 10 calls was an empty room…no patient with muggers hiding in it to get the goodies in the doctors bag.

    Many doctors carried 38s. My father, being ex military, carried a GI-1911.

    He'd throw the bag into the room "here you go boys" and all eyes would follow the bag because they were focused on the drugs.
    then he'd pull the .45 and say "now give it back boys"

    My father was instrumental in and a pioneer of, the creation of Emergency Rooms and The Modern Ambulance System, and wrote the first ever book called "First Aid"

    So… I know quite a bit about the evolvement of the costs and spiraling increase of the costs, in the medical field.
    It's all about individual greed and selfishness.

    The main issue isn't the insurance companies, they are reactionary ******s.
    It's the drug companies… that's where the problem is.

    Socialized medicine is the only way to control it.

    There are three options, be incredibly rich, go with out, or government funded/controlled health care.

    Germany, France, Canada and others are perfectly happy with their health care systems.
    They don't have other 'freedoms' we do either…. but at what cost?

    Do old people have the freedom to suffer and die?
    Are you throwing a buck and hour into a jar for everyone around that is sick and can't afford it?
    And don't get me started on all the people with THINK they are sick, because it's better to be taken care of than take care of yourself.

    Drug companies make you think there are more diseases and problems out there than there are, when it's really sick people from eating bad food.
    But that's because no one can afford the cheap food, because FDA (puppets of the drug companies) have MADE it that way, with taxes and hurdles and hoops of fire to jump through just to get affordable food.

    I'm hungry…it's cheaper to buy cheetos than lettuce.
    They want you to buy cheetos, because eating food like that makes you feel like crap, and then you need to buy pills or see a doc to 'get better'.

    It's an endless ring of crazy, supported by a "Free" people who vote in candidates funded by special interests groups (Drug companies, Military industrial complex)

    It costs tons and tons of money to get voted into office, where does all the money come from? Special interest groups, where do THEY get the money from… the "FREE people" who are conned into buying their products so they need more products and convinced then need to bomb some guy in a turban living in a tent in the desert because it protects their "Freedom"

    Trust me, Obamacare, is the least of your worries, if what you are concerned with is losing your freedom.
    That thing you think you had?
    Was gone before most of you all were born.
    You're just listening to sad echoes from ghosts who knew what it once was.:usflag:
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    We have had a similar lawn in Massachusetts for 8 years. It has not impacted me in any way, either as an employer or as a consumer. The girl that cleans my house had to buy a policy from an insurance company to comply with the law. She pays $190 per month because she is low income. She had a pre-existing condition (some kind of weird bone disease), so this worked well for her. My wife works for a big corporation, so nothing changed for us. One of my employees buys a "gold level" policy for $250 per month, but he had the option of spending a lot less. He was on his parent's policy until a year ago, but he turned 26 so he had to buy in. My other employee chooses not to be insured, he pays the fine. If he gets sick, he will go broke since he is already just about broke now, he will end up on medicaid, and we all end up paying for his stupidity with out tax dollars. He is a freeloader....working the system to benefit himself (so he thinks).
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    So repealing it will get me out of paying a fine and at the same time end ProCuts subsidies there by raising his rates. Makes me want it repealed even more now. :laugh:
  8. whiffyspark

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    I can't tell if you're agreeing with me or not :laugh:
  9. TPendagast

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    this thread is about obamacare, as it stands, as a law/system and how it affects our industry.

    the answer is it does not.

    is it a symptom of things form the past? Like ridiculous cost of health care? Yes. (so agree with whiffy)

    Will it become a gateway or stepping stone to worse things?
    Probably (so agree with kelly)

    But EVERYTHING that sets a precedent and requires MORE bigger government is a bad thing that will lead to worse things.

    Heres the rub… this is the ONE time where BOTH big business (the drug companies) and Big Government (obamacare) are simultaneously bad for us.

    If government does nothing, pretty soon the only choice is for people to feed off medicare, as the price for health care keeps going up and up.
    but if the government DOES do something (obamacare) it sucks too.

    Right now,as it stands today, there is no changes any of our businesses need to make, except give this dumb letter to your employees telling them to go to the marketplace for insurance.
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    TPendagast, How old are you? I'm pushing 60 and doctors have always had offices, ambulances came to help when called and hospitals were near by. Just asking. Maybe Alaska was farther behind the continental US.

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