Importance of Backing up Files

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenI.A., Mar 30, 2012.

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    Last week my laptop couldn't get online. I spent about 8 hrs one night on the phone between Dell and Microsoft, we couldn't do anything to get it online at all, and they said I would have to restore the laptop to factory settings and I would loose all my files and programs. I tried to copy all of the files to a removable hard drive but what ever was affecting my wifi was also blocking my USB ports. With out the USB ports or WIFI I couldn't connect to my office printer to print off files. Tried saving files to a CD but that was being blocked to. Thought I was completely screwed, but luckily I have a Bluetooth printer mounted in my truck that worked with it. The next day I brought it to two different computer repair guys and neither one could get any files off of it other than through the blue tooth printer.

    So the next two days I spent over 14 hrs and over $150 on ink printing off every single document I had on the computer. I never realised how much I had on here, and am now looking at a week of scanning and formatting the documents back into the computer. Luckily Quickbooks was set to backup every night. I now have the whole computer set to backup to the removable hard drive everyday. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost everything.
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    after 8 house talking to Dell do you feel that you have mastered the Hindu language? Buying a Dell was your first mistake, thinking they could fix it was your second.
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    I've always been happy with their service, but then again when ever I have had a problem they have been able to remotely access my computer and fix it themselves. With my computer not able to get online they had to walk me through everything this time. My hardware was still under warranty but my software warranty had expired. After going up the line of 4 supervisors I did get dell to give me $250 software warranty for free.
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    They have online backups like Carbonite with backup off site.
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    I use mozy and have been happy with it.
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    With the Bluetooth couldn't you sync it with your smartphone, provided you have one or know someone with one, and transfer the files to it and save it to a micro sd card or find someone with another Bluetooth capable computer and send it to that? Once yours is fixed upload back to it.
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    One of the computer repair guys I went to tried to transfer the files by bluetooth but my computer wouldn't recognize any other bluetooth devises. They think my computer only recognized the printer because it was an established bluetooth connection that has been used before.

    I have most of the files reloaded into my computer. Thankfully my Scanner recognizes documents and can load them directly into word. So the formatting is limitted. What is killing me is all the excel files. Some of the more important ones with alot of formulas I have in old emails from years ago. But I have a couple that have real detailed formulas for the boxes that I'll have to sit down over a weekend and rebuild. Thankfully when I printed them out I printed most with the formulas that you normally don't see showing.
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    I feel your pain, In nov/11 I was working on year end qb items and my hard drive failed a blue screen appeared and the room filled with smoke. The hard drive started melting down literally, I sent it off to company and after 3 weeks of clean rooms and other vudu experiments they could only retrieve 3 complete files. I had qb and hindsite backed up each day to a external hard drive but I lost everything else. It took me 2 months of searching through old emails to restore most of the info. It sucked!!!!

    The hard drive failed in this mannor-----The hard drive has a driver arm that extends over it. There are "fingers" that extend down from the driver arm to write the information on the drive well one of those failed and fell out it then dislodged other ones and scratched the hard drive. The tech working on it said it looked as though someone took a screwdriver to it and scratched it real good. Or at least this is how the tech described it. Oh and they wanted to charge me $1200 for those 3 files.

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