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    This is a very thought provoking editorial from this month's Turf Magazine. Please read it and digest it.
    Thank you.

    Here We Go Again-Again

    With six months still to go before the new presidential election,the media has decided
    that not only have we failed miserably in our excursion into Iraq,but the rebounding
    economy is about to tank again.I have to admit I'm a bit surprised.I thought the media
    would at least wait until the party conventions before fabricating the next crisis
    with which they will attempt to sway the election.
    While the story of a handful of U.S. soldiers who mistreated some prisoners stays on
    the front page for going on four weeks (crimes for which there will be trials,verdicts
    and sentences),atrocities committed by terrorists against U.S. citizens get reported and
    We hear the daily hand-wringing about a bunch of holdout religious nut cases with guns
    and how this is proof that we are losing the fight in Iraq,and we don't hear about the
    hundreds of new schools that we have helped establish and the thousands of Iraqi children
    who will now get a chance at a real life.
    We hear all about the one or two clerics who will fight to the death (usually someone Else's death)
    before they will give in to the "satanic Americans," and we hear nothing about the dozens
    of ethnic and religious groups who are working with us to find a real solution to the establishing
    and maintaining of a free Iraq.
    OK.This kind of one sided reporting has been going on for a year, so we're all used to it.
    Now with a few things to point to (like gas prices), I heard on the radio yesterday that the
    recovery is over and we can now expect the economy to tank again. Forget that new job creation
    is up (and the figures had to be adjusted up for the last several months). Forget about retail
    sales.Forget about housing starts.Forget about hard goods manufacturing.Forget about the consumer
    confidence index.Forget all of it.The elite media in this country has an election to fix,so we
    are heading into another recession.Case closed.
    I really don't care who you vote for in November.In my capacity as your humble editor,all I
    care about is continued prosperity for this industry.It is my experience that people follow
    a certain ideology and vote accordingly.Few people have their minds changed by the political
    grandstanding,name-calling and shouting that passes for debate these days.
    I do ask that as we enter this hyped-up election season,try to filter what you hear through
    the knowledge that we are not necessarily getting the whole story from the regular media outlets
    (about any candidate).We let the media in this country tear down our economy in 2002
    and 2003.Let's not let them do it again.

    David G. Cassidy
    Editor,Turf Magazine.

    copyright 2004 by Moose River Publishing
    Reprinted with permission.
  2. tiedeman

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    You know what, after I read that in the magazine last week I was so disgusted with Mr. Cassidy. Why does our industry and especially a Turf magazine have to write something like that? Wrong place and wrong time to write that.
  3. Dixie Cutters

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    I'm with tideman on that one. Afterall, this is a lawncare magazine isn't it?
  4. dvmcmrhp52

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    It is a lawncare magazine which wants the industry and it's people to make well informed decisions.

    Tiedeman,Why is it the wrong time?
  5. gogetter

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    It's politics, it doesn't belong in that magazine and it doesn't belong in THIS forum.
  6. dvmcmrhp52

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    I don't believe it is politics,It's a different subject than that if you read carefully.
  7. tiedeman

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    he is talking about the war in Iraq, the Presidential election, terrorism, and the media.

    wrong time: we already know everything that is going on, we hear about the war, the election, and terrorism, and everything else all the time in the news, why must he choose this time right now to talk about it in a greens related magazine. Why in the turf magazine?
  8. dvmcmrhp52

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    I believe it is because he wants the industry to think about what we hear rather than just believe it all.It really is about the economy not politics.
    Why not in the turf magazine?
    Do lco's contribute to the economy?
    Do lco's get called up for duty?
    Do lco's vote?
    Do lco's make decisions based on what they hear from the media outlets?
  9. txlawnking

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    Dvm, I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Cassidy and apprecieate you posting that for us to see. As someone who's worked IN IRAQ, I feel that his remarks are accurate I myself am fed up with the liberal media's propaganda.
  10. Willis

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    It effects each and every one of us Americans. We all have our part.:cool:

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