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Important tip for gaining clients.


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Return the clients phone call!
Had a guy call me today for a lawn bid and after meeting with him he mentioned that he called (5) lawn care providers for bids and I was the only one to return his phone call. Needless to say with no other competition I was able to price it on the high side and still get the job.

Gaining clients is sometimes as simple as returning a phone call. I hear from clients all the time that they have problems getting service providers to return phone calls, not just in our industry but service providers in general.

With all the money people spend on advertising and marketing why would anyone let a hot lead slip right through their hands? I have always made it a policy to return all phone calls even if I can't help them out. I've always thought it's more professional to call back rather then blow off.


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Sherwood, AR
That is without a doubt one of my biggest complaints in the service industry as a whole. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get something taken care of, and it takes multiple phone calls, messages and still, the only way I get a hold of someone is constantly calling until someone actually answers.


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That is the biggest complaint I here from all my customers, "no one returns my phone call". Now when they want a contractor they call me and I call the contractor. I have a select list of contractors I work with on a regular basis and 1 handyman. I can usually fill their needs withing a week.

Shawns Lawns

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To bad you could not set up about 5 or so fictitious LCO's with answering machines and not call them back but when they call your real Business you will most likely get the job since they could not get ahold of anyone else.:laugh:


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Im right with all of you, I get these calls all the time from people who have been calling around and havent heard back from anyone. I make it a point to call people back as soon as I get their message. If Im really busy I call them right back and ask what would be a good time later in the day/evening for me to call and talk in greater detail.

ECS- Many of my clients call me the "Jack of all Trades". They always call me before they look in the phone book or start asking around. If they want someone to do something that I cant, I pull out my book (Carried in my truck) that has a list of everyone I know that does certain work. Only people who I trust and have worked with many times get there info put in this book. I also keep notes under each of these contacts information so that I can look back and see how things have went in the past. So far in 5 yrs I have never heard anything but good things from clients when I recommend someone to them.


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Don't want them calling.....want them to send an e-mail for service. These days people want instant phone...so if you don't pick up they move on, and that is okay with us.

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Yea that happens every year,it's important to call them back. What i find is your lawnboys are riding by the property too, after they get the address they look it over to see if its a gravey yard to do.My cell phone is always on,you just dont no who might be calling for service.