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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bdemir, Jan 7, 2001.

  1. bdemir

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    This year i was thinking of getting workers from abroad. My first concern is whether they will work out. The other is trying to communicate with them. The next is to get a place for them to stay and so on. Im just wondering if its worth it. GOing through all that trouble and finding out that its not going to work or its too much trouble.

    The plus side on the other hand is the fact that they may be more loyal to their employers and it might work out great.
    What are your opinions on importing labor and do you support it or not. Any info or advice is appreciated.

  2. LoneStarLawn

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    This sounds like the other post with the work visa's in "Hispanic Labor" thread.
  3. Mark

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    Sounds like a hassel to me. Can't find any good workers up there in Michigan?
  4. Bama

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    My wife's uncle owns a large seafood restaurant here on the MS. Gulf Coast. He currently has about 90-100 employees, so it's no small operation. A few years ago, he hired some workers from a company that imports people from Hungary and The Czech Republic. He pays the company $7.50-8.00/hr.
    The company is responsible for taking out taxes and workmans comp./ insurance, housing etc.. The worker probably only sees $4.50-4.75/hr, but they say it's like making $25.00/hr in their country. He has had tremendous success with the workers that he's gotten. He said that they are the most meticulous and hard-working of his hourly employees. I met with the manager of this labor company and I plan on hiring 1 maybe 2 employees this season. I hope that I have the success that Mickey has had in the restaurant. If you want any info on the company, let me know.
    Hope this helps,
  5. bdemir

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    Thanks for the help. I Scheduled one worker to try him out this year if it works i can get three more the lady told me. The place is workfirce international. The lady was cooperative and made it clear that if it does not work out i would just have to send them back. I will know by this spring. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. rdh

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    might be $25.oo in there country but they dont live there $4.50 is that the american dream i would steal or sell
    drugs heck even if i got cought prison would be better(roof
    and food)there are to many factories laying off the american
    workers to move there companys to forein countrys just for
    cheap labor to bring theme here and pay them $4.50 sure
    wont take long to turn our country in to a third world slum
    dont bring them here just because of cheap labor so you can
    make a dollar
  7. Evan528

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    I was told that through the h2h program each worker is about 1000 fee to the company. They must be payed at least 7 dollars per hour. If for any reason they quite or leave your compnay they will be deported no questions asked. Several companys i have talked to who use h2h have nothing but great words to say about the program and the workers. There very motivated and will work 80 hours a week if you wanted them too.
  8. Twotoros

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    Sounds like the legal american worker loses again. If you can't make a profit by paying citizens a living wage then you should not be an employer. Work alone. This is the mentality that is screwing this country up. If you don't like my opinion - tough dirt!!!
  9. Evan528

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    twotoros, the sad reality is that americans are lazy! Yes there are exeptions but for the most part a mexican can not only do more work in a day then a american but they also apreciate the job alot more wich motivates them to give it there all. There very fast learners too! If your in this business for profit... why pay a american 10bucks a hour to do half as much work as a mexican will do for 10 dollars per hour.
  10. rdh

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    wrote why pay a american 10bucks a hour to do half as much work as a mexican will do for 10 dollars per hour.

    most people dont own businesses were will they work at in the future? how about your kids future?
    how about your customer will not take them long to realize
    you are the middle man .
    i have work hard all my life . if you cant find a american
    that will work hard mybe you aint paying enough or is
    it that there first few checks they could buy a used walk
    behind and take your costomers dont have to worry about
    that if employee cant speak english and can be sent back
    were they came from
    if you give up on americans think about kids future man there going to have it bad when all employers hire non
    americans just to make a dollar
    may be you could trade your mower for a boat or maybe you
    should not be in a business

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