Impossible landscape customer....opinions?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jeffh1988, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Several years ago I was almost done with a landscape design when the client sent me an angry email that I was taking too long (I wasn't, time to completion is in the contract) and they wanted their money back. I have a termination clause that if you cancel the job after I've begun work, I may retain the deposit ($500 in this case). I called my brother to get his thoughts, because in this age of Angies List, Yelp, etc. I was concerned that they'd badmouth me if I kept the deposit. His response? "People like this, if they're going to badmouth you they're going to do it whether you retain the deposit or not. At least get something for your time."

    I think you're in a similar place here. She's holding you hostage with WORK THAT DOES NOT YET EXIST. Think about that for a second. These folks could move in and already have someone they want to use, or have a glowing referral from someone in their office.

    It needs to stop. However, I wouldn't immediately hit her with a lawyer over slander, etc. You've tried your best, and with a little help from your client she'll simmer down quickly and turn her attention to someone else. If you go on the offensive I guarantee she'll be happy to go to war.
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    Oh well yeah in terms of badmouthing I would just let her down as easy as possible but regardless
    of the outcome or the income I'm out of there and bye!
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    topsites- It is very difficult to do a large landscape job without a budget. Do you want a mercedes or a smart car? They don't have to go with you but at least you can tell them what you can give them within their budget. 20k is not that big of a budget if you are doing hardscaping sod and redesigning a landscape, plantings, irrigation etc.
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    Well I have contacted her and stopped all services out side of our original agreement. I appreciate the responses, it helped me move forward. As for the 20k, in most cases that's a fair budget for just landscape and I feel like we did a great job with budget constraints, it just doesn't allow for all the extras to make her yard stand out from others. For instance the stone work was cut out along with ground cover. Also her neighbor just spent 200k+ with us and she compares her yard to his with her 20k budget. Basically the woman wants to drink high end wine on a colt 45 budget. It was funny all the complaining she did about money during the process, even said she may one day have to push mow her own yard to save money( she is 60+) , but while we were doing install she had new granite put throughout her whole house by the most high end installer in our area.

    Thanks guys,
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    Your a better man than I that's for damn sure Hahahahaha!
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